[fyeg_gen-l] Can you help with Press Releases Please

Markus Petz markus at fyeg.org
Tue Jul 27 12:33:02 CEST 2004

We have noticed that Recent FYEG Press Releases do not seem to be
getting into the media.

We do not want to keep releasing press releases that are not going to be
read. However it is hard for us to assess if FYEG does get media

Therefore if any press release we have done does get into your media or
even mentions of Young Greens that you have doen in your countrty we
would be very greatful if you would send them to us at the FYEG office.

This will also help us with fundraising as we can then show MEPs, the
EGP and others that we are making an impact and it is worth us doing
press releases.

Hopefully, we can learn from what works well where you are and speread
the good ideas around Europe.

A guide "Successful Press Releases" is an idea. I don't know if any of
you are interested in working on this? If so let me know.


Communications Officer FYEG
markus at fyeg.org

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