[fyeg_gen-l] European Petiton against Nuclear Danger

Natalie Debono ndebono at ba-malta.org
Tue Jul 20 07:59:35 CEST 2004

> Subject: European Petiton against Nuclear Danger
> Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 13:00:36 +0200
> We are an organisation against nuclear power - based in Austria (and as
> Portugal, we do not have any nuclear power plants, yet we are endangered
> nuclear power plants next to our borders).
> On the Chernobyl memorial day we launched a petition for a European exit
> the use of nuclear power - www.atomstopp.com/1million/ . We would like to
> invite you joining this petition.
> Under the title "a million Europeans demand the exit of nuclear power",
> many associations, trade unions and European groups start a petition
> campaign all over the European Union starting on April 26, 2004, the
> anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.
> The goal is to collect a million signatures to convince the European
> countries to take the following measures without delay :
> - to stop or prevent the construction of new nuclear power plants and
> facilities in the European Union,
> - to launch a plan to abandon nuclear power within the European Union,
> - to invest massively in energy saving and the development of renewable
> energies,
> - to repeal the Euratom Treaty which massively supports nuclear power in
> Europe by means of public funding.
> Only these measures will make it possible to fight against nuclear danger
> and global warming at the same time.
> Signatures will be collected during a one-year period of time, from april
> 26, 2004 until april 26, 2005
> The result of the petition will be published during a great event that
> take place between now and April 26, 2005.
> For any further information, write to us:
> post at atomstopp.at
>  It would help us enormously if you join the petition as a
> supporting organisation, if you put a link on your websites, if you
> signatures (you can send the lists to our office to Austria), if you tell
> all your friends and people, who could possibly be interested in stopping
> nuclear danger, about this petition. It would be great if all your
> too, would sign the petition!! If you know any organisation in your
> that is interested as well, please forward all the information you get
> us and that you can find on www.atomstopp.com - we would be incredibly
> thankful on that. Are there any environmental groups in your country or in
> your surrounding countries that might be interested in promoting this
> antinuclear petition? Do you have any groups there that are fighting
> against nuclear power? Can you think of any groups that would help us with
> collecting signatures in your area? Any information you can provide about
> this subject is welcome!
> Thanks again and many greetings,
> Bernhard Scheubinger
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> Tel.: +43-732-774275
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> Email: post at atomstopp.at, post at temelin.at
> http://www.atomstopp.at, http://www.temelin.at
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