[fyeg_gen-l] Next step for the proposed Asia-Europe Youth networkon SusDev!

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Mon Jul 19 15:04:48 CEST 2004

Thanks Efi,

I am happy to hear about your interest.

Europe-Asia cooperation is indeed a field I like to promote and get further involved in too.
I may not be representing FYEG in this officially at this moment, so it is currently a individual approach, although I talk about it with some people from FYEG that may also have an interest in the issue.

The effort related to my last forwarded message follows a europe-asia seminar on sustainable development in Hanoï in the beginning of this month. ( co-organised by http://www.asef.org )

I was supposed to attend that seminar but had to cancel, and since then tryed to stay informed about further developments of this seminar trough e-mail. ( Thanks again to Markus for recommending me, and , if I am not mistaken, to Maarten for recommending Markus :-) )

I am not sure I will make it to Barcelona ( I'll probably be somewhere in northern europe )

I'd be very happy if we could do something between european member organisations and asian organisations.

Maybe we can talk about it on the mailinglist that has been created 

( by the way, there was a small mistake, the correct mailing list adress is: )


Post message: youth4susdev at yahoogroups.com  
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Also, please feel free to join our new yahoo mailing group created following the "Sustainable Solidarity" Study Session in Budapest last month:


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I am leaving to catch my train but will get back to you personally as soon as possible,



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Subject: RE: [fyeg_gen-l] Next step for the proposed Asia-Europe Youth networkon SusDev!

Dear Dante, 
My name is Efi and I am contacting you on behalf of the Cyprus Young Ecologists. We would like to know a little more about the Asia Europe Youth Network on Sustainable Development. Is this an effort coordinated from the European Youth Forum or some other pan-european organisation or is it an initiative of FUEG? Is there any website we could check out for more info? 
And another thing. Roy mentions the World Youth Festival in Barcelona. We are sending a member from Cyprus to this festival, so perhaps you could meet up with her and bring her up to date?
I'm being really brief, cause I'm sure your quite busy and I would hate to spend more of your time than necessary. 
Cheers from a devastatingly hot Cyprus then, 

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Subject: [fyeg_gen-l] Next step for the proposed Asia-Europe Youth networkon SusDev!
Dear FYEG friends,
I am forwarding you below some information 
about developments in a proposed Asia-Europe Youth Network on Sustainable Development.
From: Roy Cabonegro 
Sent: Saturday, July 17, 2004 2:40 PM
Subject: proposed next step for the proposed Asia-Europe Youth network on SusDev!
Dear Friends from the ASEM Youth Dialogue on SusDev (Hanoi),
Greetings from the Philippines. We hope that this email finds you well.
Right after settling back in Manila from our Hanoi youth dialogue on sustainable development, the representatives from the Philippines met and shared our insights on the dialogue. 
We are now preparing our reports to various government agencies and other major youth organizations to informed them about our Youth Statement, about the ASEM and our proposed Asia-Europe Youth Network on SusDev.
We are also committing our team to pursue the proposal of setting up this propose network among Asian and European youth on sustainable development. We are in fact starting a similar networking process here with our current group as initial convenors. This will of course be open to as many interested groups as possible here in the Philippines.
The World Youth Festival in Barcelona, Spain is just around the corner and conveniently, this comes still right before the ASEM Summit set in October in Hanoi.
We would like to propose that we consider maximizing the festival as a possible opportunity for us to meet again and discussed in more detail the proposed network. We suggest a STRATEGIC PLANNING WORKSHOP on the proposed Asia-Europe Youth Network on Sustainable Development.
May we know your thoughts on this?
Also, our coulleague; Kitty (also from the Philippines) has initiated the egroup for all of us. many have signed up already and Id like to take this opportunity to encourage the rest to sign up. This will make our email interaction more effective.
To subscribe, please send a blank email to youth4susdev-susbcribe at yahoogroups.com

Roy Jerusalem Cabonegro
Mobile Phone (+63 918) 507-71-14
43 Mabituan Street, Brgy Masambong SFDM, Quezon City, 
Metro Manila Philippines 
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