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Mon Jul 12 18:39:03 CEST 2004

Hi All
The FYEG Office will be closed from the 14th of July till the first of September. This due to the fact that the European Parliament is doing a major shuffle in the offices and FYEG has to move her office. In case you have an urgent question you can contact us:
Maarten Coertjens
+32 496 63 02 96
fyeg at europarl.eu.int. There will be some extansive cleaning of the network so that may not always work.
Alternative: maarten at jonggroen.be
During the closing of the office, I will take a holiday as well so I would appreciate it if you contact directly the member of the EC that can help you (see below).
FYEG wishes all of you a nice relaxing holiday and we hope to meet you somewhere on the old continent...
Stefanie de Niet


Mobile 0031628247530

Home number 0031 402425017

Work number 0031 402382397

Email: stefanie at fyeg.org

Email: paarselangkous at planet.nl

Email: s.de.niet at gemeente.eindhoven.nl

Simo Salmela



Mob: 00358 50 32 51 936


email: simo at fyeg.org 

email: ssalmela at st.jyu.fi

Maarten Coertjens

Office Co-ordinator

Mob: + 32 496 63 02 96

home: + 32 3 314 66 43

work: + 32 2 284 24 40

fax: + 32 2 284 72 93

Email: fyeg at europarl.eu.int

Email: maarten at jonggroen.be

Markus Petz

Communication Officer


Home: 044 1792 511 597


Email: raven_feeder at fastmail.fm 

Email: councillortothewise at yahoo.de 

email: markus at fyeg.org

Ernest Urtasun

EU-Policy Co-ordinator

Mobile number: +34669727953

Home number: +34934184072

Work number: +34933105850

Email: ernest at fyeg.org,  e.urtasun at terra.es / eurtasun at hotmail.com

Maja Bumberak:

Project co-ordinator

Mobile: 0036-70-294-1892

Home: 0036-1-302-45-27

work: basically my computer

e-mail: maja at fyeg.org 

maja.zofi at freemail.hu

Ska Keller

Campaign Co-ordinator

Mobile: 00491705321250

Email: ska at fyeg.org 

tique007 at web.de

Lena Ohlson


Mobile: +46703412686

Home: no use, I'm never at home

Work: na

E-mail: lena at fyeg. org, marie-helena at mp.se

Jurgen Balzan

MemberOrganisations Co-ordinator

mob: +35699802576

home: +35621381169

email: jurgen at fyeg.org, jurgenb at maltanet.net

Tim Shand


mob: +44 7906 73 17 83

home: +44 1419 455 976

email: tim at fyeg.org, 


Maarten Coertjens
Office Coordinator and Administrator
Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG)
European Parliament 
ASP 8G138
Rue Wiertz
B-1047 Brussels, Belgium
tel:+32 2 284 24 40
fax:+32 2 284 92 73
mob: + 32 4 96 63 02 96
e mail: fyeg at europarl.eu.int <mailto:fyeg at europarl.eu.int> 
web: www.fyeg.org <http://www.fyeg.org/> 
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