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Simo Salmela ssalmela at cc.jyu.fi
Thu Jul 1 11:12:57 CEST 2004

Hi all,

please find attached and below the latest press release of FYEG which
concerns the Nato summit in Istanbul and new measures in the war on
terrorism. Please distribute this further to your lists.

Sunshine and green regards,

Simo S.

War on terrorism has to take into account the real reasons of terrorist

In the NATO Summit in Istanbul, June 28-29, the heads of 26 states decided
to strengthen the war on terrorism. New measures for terrorist attack
prevention were presented, such as defences against the weapons of mass
destruction and different kinds of military equipment. Instead of being
prepared for a more wide-spread war, Federation of Young European Greens
(FYEG) calls for more conflict preventive measures. Additionally, FYEG
demands that all international measures against terrorist threats have to
have the mandate of the UN.

By strengthening the armament of NATO countries, the ultimate reasons of
the terrorism are ignored: The poverty in the regions where terrorist
groups get their supporters, the raising gap between the rich and the
poor, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the interventions to Afganistan
and Iraq and their consequences. FYEG calls for more financial and
military resources for the reconciliation and reconstruction processes of
the mentioned interventions made by NATO states. It must not be forgotten
that the ultimate reason for the fundamental Islamist terrorism lies in
the Israel-Palestine conflict. The NATO countries and the EU have to put
their greatest effort on finding a peaceful solution in the Middle East.

The measures taken for the war on terrorism have to be limited to real
terrorist threats. Not all conflicts of our societies should be concidered
as a sign of terrorist movements, such as alterglobalisation movement and
animal rights activism. The war on terrorism can neither weaken the
citizen rights of minorities, regardless one´s ethnic background or the
way of living. New security measures in public space effect most
significantly young and poor people with limited possibilities to
demonstrate their political will.

For further information:

Simo Salmela
Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG)
simo at fyeg.org
Tel: +358 50 325 1936
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