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Dear MARE friends,
following is a press release mostly for our EU friends but is of great
interest for all since its a good starting point for discussions on direct
democracy in EU and elsewhere...

Michalis from MEDSOS

Citizens' summit in Berlin

European Referendum Campaign (ERC) event at the Brandenburg Gate

Citizens from across Europe met for an event to demand a referendum
on the European Constitution at Berlin summit today.

See pictures and find all information on the ERC homepage

Campaigners from "Vote 2004" in Britain, "Mehr Demokratie" in Germany
and "Europe 2020" in France held a series of events around the summit
as part of the European Referendum Campaign.

Hard-hitting adverts on poster vans around the summit site called on
Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schroder to give their voters
a referendum on the new EU Constitution. The adverts call for a
referendum in French, German and English.

Campaigners also unveiled a giant advert calling for a referendum at
the Brandenburg Gate, near where the leaders were meeting.

Neil O'Brien of Vote 2004 said: "Nine out of ten British voters want
a referendum. This new campaign aims to make Europe's leaders listen to
the people and give them a vote on Europe's future."

Gerald Hafner of Mehr Demokratie said: "Seven EU members states are
holding a referendum on the Constitution. It's time the other
Governments followed their example."

Philippe Micaelli of Europe 2020 said: "It looks like an agreement on
the Constitution is getting close. Now is the time for pro-democracy
campaigners across Europe to work together."

Notes for editors

For more information please contact:

Neil O'Brien (+44) 0207 799 3555 or (+44) 07973 142775

Ronald Pabst (+49) 6977033698 or (+49) 179 912 39 72






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