[fyeg_gen-l] WTO hands off our food!

Natalie Debono ndebono at ba-malta.org
Thu Feb 26 13:55:24 CET 2004

Dear MARE friends,
I forward a call of the bite-back campaign, which you all probably know so far.
Anyway is a good starting point as regards GMOs and the role of WTO, for those assessing the issue for the first time.

We as Mediterraneans share a rich diversity as regards gastronomy, traditional small scale farming and local food products that we should promote as an alternative to genetically modified food and mass farming.
Michalis from MEDSOS

> > Sign the Citizens' Objection to the WTO!
> > http://www.bite-back.org

> > George Bush is using the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to force-feed
you genetically modified food! You can help stop them: BITE BACK!

> > Biotech companies have invested billions into genetically modified foods
> that nobody needs and nobody wants. Such products (known as GMOs) take
away consumer choice, make farmers dependent on big business and undermine food
> security in developing countries. Nobody knows what risks they pose to
> people's health and the environment.

> > To force GMOs into global markets, George Bush has filed a legal dispute
> at the WTO, accusing the European Union of blocking trade by restricting
> GMOs. If successful, not only will the EU have to accept genetically
> modified food and farming but so will the rest of the world.

> > Stop them: BITE BACK and sign the Citizens' Objection to the WTO online at
> http://www.bite-back.org.

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