[fyeg_gen-l] GA Info Brochure and Registration Form

Markus Petz raven_feeder at fastmail.fm
Sat Feb 14 13:58:13 CET 2004

Hi Maarten.
you want to know who the delegates will be from UK Young Greens:

I attach 2 forms  one will be for me: Markus Petz
the other will be Jen Lopez.

Scottish Young Greens should be sending Tim Shand and possibly someone
else - they will not be the UK Young Greens delegates (even though they
are in our area), but rather they will be coming to be the delegates for
the New MO i.e. Socttish Young Greens.

UK Young Greens will then become Young Greens England and Wales and will
no longer represent Scotland. At present Wales is not thinking of
becoming Wales Young Greens as a MO in its own right. If this changes
Martin Köhring will be the delegate and he will let you know.

Hopefully, the information you need to know is included. I can't give
travel details as we aren't sure yet due to the fact that we are also
helping organize exactly how and when we will be traveling to the GA.

If you need them for budgeting assume that they will be the standard rail
fair from London to Oxford - open dated return and Swansea to Oxford open
dated return. The website is not letting me log in at the moment so I
can't tell you what these are

www.trainline.co.uk gives fares, however the UK is complicated with
special offers depending on when booked, how many passengers etc..

markus petz

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004 12:50:37 +0100, "FYEG" <FYEG at europarl.eu.int> said:
> Hi all
> Please find in attachment the Infor Brochure that should answer all your
> questions about the Seminar and GA in Oxford. Please also find attached
> the registration form. Please fill it in and send it back to the office
> by friday!
> greetings
> Maarten
> Maarten Coertjens
> Office Coordinator and Administrator
> Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG)
> European Parliament 
> ASP 8G138
> Rue Wiertz
> B-1047 Brussels, Belgium
> tel:+32 2 284 24 40
> fax:+32 2 284 92 73
> mob: + 32 4 96 63 02 96
> e mail: fyeg at europarl.eu.int
> web: www.fyeg.org
  Markus Petz
  raven_feeder at fastmail.fm

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