[fyeg_gen-l] Craig Alden campaign

Natalie Debono ndebono at ba-malta.org
Mon Feb 9 08:46:44 CET 2004


Craig Alden is a British man who ran an orphanage in Brazil but having
to take in drug addicts and child prostitues (prostitutes often "used" for
by their parents who don't want to look after them), the local authorities
who had vested interests in the orphanage prosecuted Craig in a court under
their control while he had no defence, no trial by jury and no translator.
He was put in prison in the dark for 48 years for alleged sexual abuse.
Witness statements
have since been withdrawn by the children.
"Fair Trials abroad" and two British MPs are working on the case to get a
for Craig.
This has to be one of the worst nightmares of any volunteer in a third world

Please help put pressure on the UK foreign office and send a message
of support by visiting the website: http://www.freecraigalden.com


Chris Williams
christopher.williams at somerville.oxford.ac.uk
P.S. - Chris Williams was a contributor to the Jan/Feb 2004 Ecosprinter.

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