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Natalie Debono ndebono at ba-malta.org
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I have just received this from a friend.  A good friend actually.  His email
might be harsh but please remember the context in and the duress it was
written under.  Asked him if I can share this with you and he gave me the
go-ahead.  Al is a thirty year old (Greek) Cypriot…

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This is one of the most depressing days of my life, we are heading toward
distruction, division and isolation. I think of the future of my children,
who, like myself, will grow thinking that the north is the twilight zone.
I grew up believing I am Greek, that Turks are evil, that Turkish Cypriots
are my enemies, that they should all be dead. I look back to those years
now, but I don't blame myself, and I don't blame those who are now going
around calling YES voters traitors and US agents. I blame the church, the
rock of faith that tells me and thousands of other Cypriots to vote NO to
what they call a Zionist Jew plan. These arrogant pigs, who feed off the
island and the souls of the people like leeches, and who use religion for
power, these pathetic, overfed scum of the earth should all be lined up and


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