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Fri Apr 23 14:27:06 CEST 2004

Dear Murat and all European Young Greens,

Below you can find answers to Murat’s email where he questions our positions
for a NO at the 24th referendum.

Dear friends,

I cannot understand exact position of Cyprus Greens…

I respect all opinion but if we interest with
politics, we have to respect our documentation...

As you remember that, as bicommunal youth forum, we
signed common declaration on 12 Septembers 2003…

NEOI (young green) also signed this documentation…

We said that:
“Such a settlement must provide for a bi-zonal,
bi-communal federation on the basis of relevant UN
resolutions, the High Level Agreements of 1977 and
1979 and be in accordance to the UN Charter and
International Law. The solution must respect basic
human rights, the fundamental freedoms and civil
liberties of all Cypriots and observe the principle of
political equality. The EU, the International
Community as a whole, must act at their level best to
facilitate and support the efforts of the UN”

What De Soto said 2nd April 2004;

** "The product of the work was a bicommunal, bizonal,
federal system, a State of Cyprus with a single
international legal personality, sovereignty and
citizenship.  It was based on the principle of
political equality between Greek Cypriots and Turkish

** "the plan was based on respect for international
law and individual human rights"

** "the long-term objective of the plan was the
demilitarization of Cyprus"

(Special adviser de soto briefs security council on
cyprus settlement)

May be Greens not like the federal system but till
now, all negotiation going on basis of  High Level
Agreements 77-79 which sign by two community leader…
You are wrong. Cyprus Greens not only accept the federal system but in
Lucerne had suggested several proposition based on the 4th Annan Plan. If
the result of the negotiations was a viable, bi-communal and bi-zonal
federation so it should, but with the possibility of changes in the future.
The 5th Annan Plan is a federation with elements of confederartion. It’s a
step before partition. That is why Cyprus Greens   say NO. De Soto is trying
to promote his plan. In Cyprus we have a saying “I make you blind and sell,
and you see and buy”. Yes the negotiations started on the basis of High
Level agreements but they ended not based on these agreements.

Also we would like to underline that, new the
negotiations had started based on the UN Security
Council Resolution 649(1990)
(http://www.un.int/cyprus/scr649.htm ) and were
concluded within this framework so Young Green have to
read that resolution because it’s accepted by all
We Know this. Have you read it?Have you compare it with Annan Plan?

And last thing, we respect their opinion but:
They said that SECURITY, but for who? For GREEK
As well as for Turkish-Cypriots. You the progressive Turkish-Cypriots, you
feel well with 75,000 settlers and 6,000 soldiers that any time can increase
to 40,000.

They said that ECONOMYCAL SITIATION but for who? For
GREEK Cypriot
All their fearing, feeling for GREEK Cypriot...

We are still living with 30000 soldier in occupied
condition and any Greens member not suggest any thing
for us, many Turkish Cypriot are  leaving their
country because of economical condition and any Greens
member not suggest any thing. They said that patience…

Yes, it’s true, whenever we take thousands dollar
salary, can be control our economies, our police and
other things than it’s easy for patience…
We don’t understand what you mean....

Greens of Cyprus have to fighting against nationalism
so they have to think and prepare politics for all
Cypriot not only for their ETHNIC society …
Exactly for this reason we CANNOT ACCEPT the Annan Plan because in most
articles of the Annan Plan people are separated according to their

Last things, about settlers, yes, they are illegal and
we put some effort about it but Any GREENS member
cannot write “All settlers remain, although they are
the product of an act of war and have settled
illegally in property that did not belong to them”,
what’s they demand, all of them have to go back?

So we would like to remember and underline that FYEG
Migration Campaign’s documentation is valid and all
FYEG members support it:
"We, as FYEG, do not accept this. Europe has to find a
We demand a refugee policy that applies the Geneva
Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights
to its fullest extent. Special attention should be
paid to feminisation of migration, victims of
trafficking and other vulnerable groups.
We want that migrants who await the outcome of their
procedure should be informed regularly on the status
of the procedure. Bureaucracy has to be tackled so
that feelings of insecurity are minimalised.
Is it possible to compare economic migrants or political refugees with the
settlers that Turkey brought in Cyprus, according to a strategic plan that
is forcing the Turkish-Cypriots to leave Cyprus.

As our long-term vision we think that everybody on
this planet should have the right to move freely.
People are equal no matter where they come from.
Europe has to support by all its means peace and
sustainable development, so people will not feel
forced to migrate.”

Why then your party, was fighting against the settlers and ask from the EU
not to allow the settlers to vote at the 2003 elections in the north side of


Iaiea?a Eei?iaoio Ieeieuaui - ?aneaaeeiioeoo?i
Eauounio AeaeUooao 169,
Anaoa?i 301,
2024 Eaoeuo?a
OceYouii 22518787 Oai: 22512710

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