[fyeg_gen-l] Cyprus: gray wolves terrorism

Natalie Debono ndebono at ba-malta.org
Mon Apr 12 09:36:44 CEST 2004

Gray wolves (Ulku Ocaklari) began putting up the
following poster in streets:


They have also announced that MHP leader Bahceli will
visit Cyprus with an 'army' of gray wolves.

The poster says

"They only understand this language,

They do not understand 'please', they understand
'rascal', do not understand flowers, they understand
spikes, they do not understand doves, butterflies,
they understand hawks, they do not understand wings,
they understand beaks, they do not understand logic of
books, they understand Afyon, Kocatepe, Dumlupinar (*)
logic. We knew this forty years ago. But apparently we
forgot, the months we spent reminding this to
ourselves ended up as giving time for them. They do
not understand songs, poetry, they may understand
military marches, they do not understand bows, they
understand arrows. We spent our time talking to them,
it was a waste, they do not understand speaking, they
understand hand. We gave them our hand to shake; they
thought we were begging them. We did not realize those
who are used to punches and kicks, do not understand
hand gestures but only understand punches and kicks.
They do not understand being calm, they understand
anger, they do not understand enlightment, they
understand fire. They do not understand silk or paper
but understand iron, steel and bullets. They do not
understand writing, drawing, meeting, they understand
fighting. Whenever we talked about Cyprus with them,
as if admitting guilt, their military friends were red
faced either because of anger or embarrassment. Army,
navy, air force, they all knew that those who thought
they were free to do their thing did not understand
from kites or balloons but of rockets. It is true that
we took revenge of six months in three hours. We do
not celebrate the six months, we congratulate the
three hours.


Ulku Ocaklari (Gray Wolves/Idealists Association) "
(*) Three major battles/locations in Turkish
liberation war.

 they poster has a gray wolf in a crescent, Denktash'
photo, Whole of Cyprus covered with a TRNC flag and a

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