[fyeg_gen-l] migration material for MO's

Ska Keller tique007 at web.de
Wed Apr 7 19:14:23 CEST 2004

Dear Member organisations!

the migration campaign team offers some publications to you. if you would
like to have some of the material listed below, pls send an e-mail to
ska at fyeg.org, saying how much you want of which (pls do not just order 1 or
two leaflets;-) and stating the adress of the office of your organisation
(we will send the stuff there). pls note: we're not sending to individual
persons but only to the organisations!

the things you can order are:
- the campaign reader (useful texts and background info) see also
- leaflet "International Organisation of Migration"
- leaflet "Refugee Women"
- leaflet "Reasons for migration"
- leaflet "Tear down the wall in your head" (general leaflet about the
- leaflet "labour migration"
- stickers with campaign logo
- little hammers with web-adress on to tear down the walls;-)
- little matches with logo to burn down the walls;-)
- posters (only few available)

also have a look at www.destinationeurope.org

best wishes
FYEG campaign co-ordinator

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