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EBRU TURHAN ebruturhan at gmx.de
Thu Apr 1 12:49:09 CEST 2004

Hi All,

As we come so close to the decision making in Cyprus, a new project came out
by the Greek and Turkish Cypriot poets to write a common poem about their
imagination of a world, a world without "walls" and any borders...

check it out..



> >15 poets, Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots came
> together to use their 
> >imagination and work on a common poem . We decided
> to work on a concept and 
> >we chose the concept ˜YES" which is a very
> popular and  also unpopular 
> >word today in our country.
> >We had in mind that every YES is also a NO to
> something else and every NO 
> >has also a YES. We approached YES as a very
> affirmative word. A word we 
> >learn first in the others language, a word which
> is an opening rather 
> >than a closure, a word which can bring a change!!
> >We wanted to make an intervention with the language
> of poetry to the area 
> >of politics which is in our houses every night
> through the TV screens. 
> >Which feels us with so much anxiety and negative
> energy with its 
> >confronting  and often fearfull attitude.
> >We found a big YES in our hearts for a better
> future and for a unifying 
> >Cyprus. We did not discuss about plans, about
> property, about 
> >percentages¦ We looked at our own YESes
> >All the poets produced their own verses and then we
> made a collage .
> >
> >
> >Yes, to a bird with open wings
> >To the open sky, to the open sea
> >Yes, to lips open to a smile
> >To a wish, to hope
> >Magical words
> >The revenge of silenced hearts against history
> >While kissing the wind of love
> >To share the same flame
> >Sing the same song
> >Be drunk with the same passion
> >Make love under the same moon
> >Let my heart my body be light
> >So that I can speak
> >What is Greek what is Turkish
> >Are they two houses exchanging each other
> >Are they two lives filled to the brim
> >Emptying themselves
> >into sand bags
> >Yes, I said as though drawing a beautiful bird
> >Nearing extinction
> >I am handing it over to you
> >So that you can add yet another colour
> >A bird hidden for so long in my heart
> >A YES bird; so close to bursting my heart open
> >Take this joy
> >Attach it to the bird's wing
> >As though planting new saplings
> >In a beautiful forest
> >I sit, sweating, breathless
> >So as to send a wave from deep inside me
> >Look there, at the abyss of my heart
> >That thing amongst the flames is "YES"
> >Life will fall, like a star
> >And we will also change
> >Yes, a palm open to the other
> >To the different, to the unknown
> >I passed through the border amongst
> >The rumble of thousands of migrating butterflies
> >I know this day of May will be the day
> >Oh wall
> >Your stones
> >We will burry
> >In the foundations of our common house
> >The whole universe
> >Fits into a single word!
> >Yes: What a joyful word!
> >To sing the song of heavenly love
> >Say Yes! To your good neighbours in exile
> >Open the doors ajar with your hands
> >Say yes! Let's come out onto the doorsteps
> >Clean out our wounds
> >Kiss by kiss
> >
> >(Nese Yasin, Filiz Naldoven,Lily Michailidou,
> Fikret Demirag, Elli 
> >Peonidou, Zeki Ali, Takis Hadjigeorgiou,Tamer
> Öncül, Feriha Altok, 
> >Neriman Cahit, M. Kansu, Stephanos Stephanides,
> Gür Genç, Jenan 
> >Selcuk,Michalis Papadopoulos, Aydin Mehmet Ali)
> >

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