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Ska Keller tique007 at web.de
Fri Oct 24 18:11:19 CEST 2003

The Wedding of East and West!

November the 15th 2003, will always be remembered as one of FYEG's finest moments. On that day four young people consecrate their love for each other in Paris at Notre Dame...

This is how it could have been but unfortunately there is a twist to it:
We asked the four for their reasons to marry:

M.C.(male, 25): Well, I need the money.

M.M.( male, : I hope I will get a better future with a well paid job.

X.X (female, .: I want a life without worries and unsecurity.

S.K. (female, 21): Basically, I don't mind. If I can help others, why not!?

On one thing they all agree: in 4 years they want to get divorced.


Strange motivations to get married??? Not at all!

M.C. and S.K. have passports of the European Union. M.M. and X.X. need one. On a legal way they would never get one or would have to wait for years. Both are coming from instable regions where poverty and violence rules the daily life. Both are dreaming of a future; a job, a safe life, maybe  a family. Therefore they would even leave their home and their friends. But they are allowed to. No country of the rich world wants them. 

M.C. and S.K. are coming from the so-called "West", the region where M.M. and X.X. would like to go to.  By maarying them they help the two migrants to get permission to stay in the EU.

Sadly, our two immigrants are not able to make it to Paris!

So the Migration Campaign Team is looking for a young lady and a young gent to marry these two lovely western people:


Are you in Paris at the time? Want to support FYEG and the Migration Campaign Team? Feel like a big party in one of the nicest cities of Europe?

Tell us: Tique007 at web.de (Ska Keller)


You're all welcome to their marriage on November 15th 2003, 13.00 in Paris in front of Notre Dame!

Food and drinks will be offered!

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