[fyeg_gen-l] Yenicag Newspaper Editor Murat Kanatli was Attacked by "Gray Wolves"

Chrisemily Psilogeni chpsilogeni at cyprusgreens.org
Wed Oct 22 22:26:23 CEST 2003

  Dear friends,

I am writting to you regarding the attack of the fascist Grey Wolves on 
Turkish Cypriot journalist Murat Kanatli, in the north part of my island 
Cyprus, which is being occupied by Turkey from 1974.  

I am sending my sympathies to Murat.

The illegal and outrageous behaviour of the terror organization called grey 
wolves is a testimony of the violation of human rights in the north part of 
the island.  Bear in mind that they are the same people who beat to death 
Tassos Isaac in 1996.  A young Greek Cypriot who was demonstrating against 
the division and the invasion of the island by Turkey on the green line.  

The north part of the island is full of Turks that they were brought in the 
island illegaly from Turkey in order to change the demographic structure of 
the island.  Most of them share fascist ideologies, they demolish any 
democratic values and they act adversly to any peacefull solution and to the 
perspective of a reunited Cyprus. 

Having all these in mind i am wondering how can we all live peacefully 
toogether in the perspective of a reunification...!?   

Best Regards

Chrisemily Psilogeni

My organization Cyprus Young Greens have condemned the event in the Cypriot 

 Murat Kanatli is a contributor to the Ecosprinter.
> On behalf of the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) I offer 
> my solidarity and keep up your good work Murat.  Don't let the 
> wolves get you down!
> Natalie Debono
> Communications
> Yenicag Newspaper Editor Murat Kanatli was Attacked by
> "Gray Wolves"
> (Cyprus Alternative News, October, 17th 2003)
> Murat Kanatli, a journalist who is also the editor of Yenicag 
> Newspaper was attacked, hit on the head and shoulders and his camera 
> was taken away from him while photographing a demonstration by KKTC 
> Ulku Ocaklari Association. The police force simply watched while the 
> events were developing and afterwardstold Kanatli "What were you 
> doing there? You should not have been photographing". After the 
> attack, Kanatli went to Nicosia Police Headquarters and filed a 
> complaint about the attack and that his memory card was stolen.
> "Gray Wolves" carried out a protest in Nicosia to
> "protest the
> intervention of EU and USA in TRNC elections". They
> first stopped at
> the American embassy then walked to the Ledra Palace
> check point where
> they read a press declaration. Afterwards, they
> stopped by the
> "Martyrs Memorial" and Africa newspaper and prayed and
> chanted.  "Gray
> Wolves are here, were are the traitors?", "Gray Wolves
> are here, were
> are the infidels", "No to EU, Turan in your face!"
> (Turan is the
> "ideal" of the grand Turkish homeland", "Greeks are
> dogs and will
> always be dogs", "The army of Gray Wolves, the fear of
> traitors", "EU
> do not try our patients" were some of their slogans.
> During the
> protest, the police watched everything without any
> shields or batons
> (which they commonly use against the pro-peace
> demonstrations).
> Finally, they went to the Nicosia center of their
> association where a
> representative gave a speech. Genc TV, NTV, BRT,
> Avraysa , Kibris and
> Yenicag were the media outlets that were in
> attendance. Murat Kanatli
> was photographing the event as Yenicag Editor. After
> he left the
> building, while walking in the street he was attacked
> by a group of
> 20-30 gray wolves. They pushed him around and hit him
> in his head and
> shoulders and took away his camera. The police force
> which was
> observing this event did not take any action and told
> Kanatli "What
> were you doing there? You should not have been
> photographing." After
> Kanatli asked the police to retrieve his camera, the
> body was returned
> but the memory card was stolen.
> Murat Kanatli then proceeded to the Nicosia Police
> Headquarters and
> filed a complaint that members of the Ulku Ocaklari
> Association
> members had beaten him up and took his belongings.
> Head of Press
> Workers Union (BASIN-SEN) Kemal Darbaz also went to
> the police and
> asked them to go after the culprits. In his press
> release, Darbaz said
> "We strongly condemn the attack against journalist
> Murat Kanatli. In
> reality, this is a result of certain circles who have
> been exploiting
> the 'Turkish vs Cypriot distinction' and looking for
> trouble for their
> political purposes. Ofcourse, they are also trying to
> pull the
> struggle of Turkish Cypriot public for a solution and
> EU membership
> towards other directions. It is a provocation in an
> effort to divert
> the public attention. The police should not take this
> lightly and
> consider it as a major event. Only this could stop
> similar circles
> from carrying out similar attackts.
> Other media outlets such as Kibris newspaper and SIM
> FM also were in
> attendance in the police headquarters. Darbaz also
> pointed out that
> these events have been on the rise and the police
> should take proper
> action. Kanatli then went to the hospital and obtained
> a medical
> report that he has been beaten up.
> Kanatli made an announcement to the press. He said
> that he did not
> carry anything provocative and did not speak to anyone
> that could have
> triggered this. Despite of this, he was attacked
> violently. He also
> said "This once more shows that some paramilitary
> organizations are
> once again active. Eventhough, we did not have any
> dialogue, I was
> attacked violently. This shows, like Tanil Bora
> pointed out in his
> book "Devlet-Ocak-Dergah" that violence is inherent
> part of Gray Wolf
> mentality. They attack those that they consider as
> "enemy" without any
> reason. We announce that we do not accept such
> violence and we are
> against any form of violence. We will not reply to
> violence with
> violence. We will continue our struggle using all our
> democratic and
> legal rights."
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