[fyeg_gen-l] Partner Search for two project proposals to be submitted under Culture 2000 programme

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Thu Oct 2 11:44:52 CEST 2003

Subject: Partner Search for two project proposals to be submitted under
Culture 2000 programme

Dear Colleagues,
the Municipality of Cellere, (Province of Viterbo), not far from Rome, is
looking for partners for two project proposals to be submitted under Culture
2000 Programme.
The deadline is 30th of October 2003.

1) One project is “Psychiatric Bands”.
The principal goal of the project is to ensure maximum dissemination of
information between different cultural and societal environments
The overall goal of this manifestation is to establish the value of culture
like a factor of social iintegration and of citizenship.
The main actions is to make an international musical festival for people
with  mental disorders and to make two conferences to analyse the results of
manifestation and to support the exchange of experiences.
They are looking for this project  for: health local departments, Media,
Municipalities, Associations, Pubblic Authorities from EU and enlargment

2) The other project is Rinascimento in Tavola – Renaissance at dinner table
(Municipality of Montefiascone (Province of Viterbo)
The project wants to restructure a real estate in the historical centre of
Town Council of Montefiascone (VT), Italy. The goal is to make, inside the
real estate, a school for cooks with etruscan and medieval recipes (in
particular the recipes Farnese’s family).
To favourite the tourism making a cultural and gastronomic route.
To support the exchange of knowledge of the culture and of the history of
the European peoples
To restructure a real estate
To make a school for cooks
To estimate again the Etruscan and medieval recipes (so to revalue the
history of one European people)
They are looking for this projects for Cultural, gastronomic, tourist
associations, Municipalities, specialists schools from EU and enlargment

If you wish a more detailed description of the projects please send an
e-mail to
Claudia Salvi
csalvi at formez.it

Please indicate for which project you wish to receive additional information
the references are
For the first : Psychiatric Bands
For the second:  Rinascimento in tavola.
Thank you
Kind regards
Claudia Salvi

Claudia Salvi
Via Rubicone, 11
00193 Roma
Tel. +39-06-84892220
Fax +39-06-84892307
Co-operation page:

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