[fyeg_gen-l] Kyoto action/ Earth Day

Karim Beroud kabeleira at yahoo.es
Wed Mar 19 11:28:35 CET 2003

Dear Member Organisations of FYEG, dear Committee,

April 22nd is the international day of the
environmental movement. In many countries, such as
Belgium, Japan and the USA, “Earth Day” has been
celebrated for several years already. In the
Netherlands, however, this is not the case. In order
to change this and with the aim of putting Sustainable
Development back on the political agenda, “Stichting
Duurzame Solidariteit” (Foundation on Sustainable
Solidarity), together with a set of other
organisations, amongst which DWARS, is preparing an

As you all will know, the Kyoto-protocol has been
signed and ratified by a large number of countries,
among which all member states of the EU, Japan, Poland
and many non-industrialised countries. However, of
mayor importance to the succes of “Kyoto”, is the
joining of the big pollutors USA, Russia and
Australië. As for now, they have not ratified the
protocol. With the objective of emphasising the
necessity for combatting climate change and to urge
these states to ratify the protocol, a delegation of
SDS and several “supporters” will visit the ambassies
of the respective countries.

As a symbolical action, a group of demonstrators will
bring a LARGE version of the Kyoto-protocol, or
better, a big cardboard plate, showing the main points
of the protocol. At the bottom of the board, a dotted
line will be drawn, where the autograph of the
ambassador is supposed to be signed. We consider
building a miniature dam (to counter the rising tide).
We are also brainstroming on other playful actions.
The one DWARS will do, involves a “testing machine”
wich will check bystanders and pdestrians on their
“sustainability”, judging them by standards, like
their travelling methodes, consumption patterns, etc.
Also, we will present the results of a petition we are

As for FYEG, I would like to ask the Member
Organisations to consider undertaking a similar
action. In my judgement, it would have a bigger impact
if several (youth) organisations in several (European)
countries have a lot of actions, albeit small ones.
Especially, when they are linked to political parties
(SDS is linked to the GroenLinks party). Since this
can hardly be called a controversial issue, the EC
could prepare a proposal for a common press statement
of all MOs. of FYEG, translated into their own
language. The same accounts for the petition. It can
be signed both on personal title, aswell as on behalf
of the organisation. Websites and (electronical)
newsletters are simple, but yet effective, tools to
promote participation in the action and to sign the

Hoping to hear from you soon,


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