[fyeg_gen-l] young green hoping for internships

Kerényi Szabina szkerenyi at freemail.hu
Sat Mar 15 02:54:38 CET 2003

Gyongyver, a young enthusiastic girl would like to get into the 
international green flow. If any of you can help her (EVS or any other 
opportunities), pls contact her on the address below.

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Dátum: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 21:21:57 +0100 (CET)
Feladó: Kõvári Gyöngyvér <gy18 at freemail.hu>
Címzett: szkerenyi at freemail.hu

   My name is Gyöngyvér Kővári.I was born in Budapest 1984. For the 
moment I attend a secondary school where I am going to sit my final 
exams this year. I have been a good learner always - in sciences and 
also in humanities.Afterwards I would like to go to a university where I 
could study enviromental protection, because I have a special interest 
in it.
   Anyway I like learning languages (german, english),dealing with 
peolpe,and any kind of organizations.Actually I have not had fast any 
experience in 'green- activities' - I have not had the opportunity to join 
them because of school.Otherwise I am really open to greens in the EU.
   But recently I got the dope about the "European Voluntary Service" . 
It would be a primo chance to go abroad to get mileage in green-
activities, and experience how other countries, people deal with 
enviromental protection.
  Give it a chance , cheers : GYONGYVER K.

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