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Topola, 12th of .March 03

Tragedy that took place today in front of Serbian Parliament in Belgrade is not just assassination on Serbian prime Minister Zoran Djindjic but attack to fragile democracy in Serbia and all of us that are fighting for freedom and democracy and hope for better life of people in Serbia and Montenegro and the whole Balkans.

This is tough hit to Serbian people straggling against Balkan type of Fascism, terrorism and organised crime as well as to all of positive changes in Serbia and Montenegro that took place in past three years.

THE GREENS of SERBIA believes that this is crucial moment for consensus between all democratic people and parties in fight with Political Mafia, strongest enemy of democratic changes in Union of Serbia and Montenegro. In this hard moment for Serbia all of us should support and help democratic changes in our country. 

Citizen of Serbia has to make an important choice and answer a simple question: Do we want to continue living in fear, as a hostage of terror under masks or should we once and for all make Serbia safe and peaceful for life of all of the citizen and future generations.  

THE GREENS of SERBIA stress that political moment is much harder then it might seem to be. Safety of everyone is Serbia is now endangered so we must unite our support in order not to loose everything gained after October revolution in 2000. 

Today they shot dead Zoran Djindjic. If, this time for real, we do not do great effort to protect our safety and democratic processes, who is going to be next target of assassins?  

THE GREENS OF SERBIA calls parties in DOS, mister Kostunica as well as all opposition in Serbia to put aside constant struggle between each other and go together into the future that is now poorer for one great man killed by mean, cowardly bullet of assassins. 

THE GREENS OF SERBIA express deepest condolences to the family of Mr Djindjic, Government of Serbia and Serbian people.  

Today we share pain and we are trying to remain strong in our support to Democratic Serbia, one that desist Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjic believed in and gave his life for.

Borisa Antonijevic                                              
Spokesperson of THE GREENS of Serbia  

Aleksandar Jovanovic
International Secretary of THE GREENS of Serbia          
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Web site: www.zeleni.org.yu 

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Office Coordinator and Administrator
Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG)
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