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I see that  for Spring Conference in Llandrindod, Wales we are doing
"Young Greens 2003 and beyond – developing Young Greens 

With this in mind I recommend that we incorporate the Welsh version 
of what is undoubtedly being set up through the World which is 
elected Children (under 18s in UK) and Young People's (under 25 in 
UK) Parliaments. At the moment the Welsh one is called Funky 
Dragon (due to complicated politics and copyright issues) and is 
almost a Young People Assembly (Assembly being some techincal 
term so it isn't strictly an Assembly).

I have just read the "Breathing Fire into Participation - the funky 
dragon guide good practice guidelines on supporting children and 
young people to participate." which is recommended.

Martin Koehring can you look at the websites below and find out details so 
we can formulate a strategy how to participate with these gatherings and 
most specifically how we can try and get Young Green participation with the 
organization (probably through the local Youth Forum or other special 
groupsings like Homeless, Lesbian-Gay Young People Groups or Refugee 
Children groups.


www.11-25.net	(NB they may not all be .net domains)

To the rest of you in Europe - you may be at variopus stages in this process 
which has come about from the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child 
and thence European, National and Regional legislation and best practice. 
it would be good to know some of your experiences, suggestions etc.

For example one of those involved in Funky Dragon has suggested that 
there should be no voting age (after all look at the age of criminal 
responsibility in your country - if you can be expected in law to decide what 
is morally right why can't you decide who is morally right to represent you??)

Think about it no voting age.


Marcus Petz


Young Greens   


Young Greens  is for all members (or prospective members) of the  Green   
Party who are students or 26 and under. For more information contact Sally   
on 0773 321 3797 or chair at younggreens.org.uk  
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