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Got this from Filiz. Do you have any suggestions for Turkey. I think it is 
interesting that the USA is willing to threaten Turkey with boycotting their 
goods if they don't collude (they are not allowed to be neutral even though 
NATO is supposed to be a defensive alliance) in American aggression. 


Marcus Petz

PS I guess if there is a second vote that might be a date to lobby on.

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hi marcus,
I will give you a brief information about what is going on here.As you know 
the parliment didnt approve the war.But this doesnt mean that they wont do 
it later.The firs effect of this has come as more taxes and there will be 
more,turkey is in a big dept to USA and now they started to ceased 
discussion with IMF again to get out of this bad economical situation. I do 
not think that they have got any aid yet but they need it and maybe on the 
second voting they will aprrove it. They needed only tree more votes in 
favour of USA, so it was very close. I am not sure about the public support 
about the against war activities anymore since this means more 
taxes,inflation,increase in unemployement,and USA boycotts to turkish 
products,not having any control over post-war Irak,and having nightmares 
about an american backed kurdish state in northern ýraq,evenmore about 
the kurds in turkey.
We will pay a huge price in any case.They allowed the US troops and now 
they are here using our bases.Eventhough we dont enter the war we are a 
part of it.I am afraid turkey is dependent onUSA and if they dont give any 
aid the economy will collapse.
The first voting might be a pretension,a warning to the public as if to say 
that look we didnt approve it and here is the consequences now we do not 
have any alternatives but to approve it.
That is all I can say for the moment and it is a bit late for turkey not to be 
biased now.
take care,

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