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> Hello
> I send here draft Election manifesto for EP-elections 2004
> I have planned to put up discussion group about this manifesto, and if you
> are interested, please send mail to me, so I will include you to the list.
> The idea behind this is that in late august / beginning of September there
> is next meeting of EFGP (European federation of Green Parties) Manifesto
> working group. I'm member of that group and I would like to have also view
> of young greens included.
> So you can join the discussion group or send your comments about
> manifesto directly to me.
> The group will start its work middle june, when I know who are interested
> to join.
> t Panu
> Spokesperson of FYEG
> ************************************************************************
> Latest version following EFGP Council Comments Malta
> Greens make a difference in Europe.  Greens in Europe are already playing
> a crucial role in building a social, ecological and democratic Europe.
> Greens make a difference in favour of global governance for peace and the
> environment.
> Greens want Europe to make a difference for peace, solidarity, respect for
> diversity and equity in an increasingly fragile and divided world that
> needs concrete proposals for a sustainable and just future. Greens are
> in favour of an independent and cohesive European foreign policy that
> actively defends our democratic and ecological values.
> The Europe we want is open and tolerant with a strong defence of both
> cultural and natural diversity. Our Europe is committed to high social and
> ecological standards on a European and international scale that must take
> preference over purely commercial interests.  In our Europe the rule of
law and
> the rights of local peoples and individuals prevail bothe over military
> might and economic dominance.   Greens are already making a difference and
> with your support in the 2004 European Elections  our influence can be
> more decisive in the future.
>  We Greens want an enlarged, democratic, social and ecological Europe,
> where all citizens feel at home and treated with equal dignity; a
> democratic and accountable European Union for all, with a Constitution
> that protects the rights of its citizens; a Social Union built on the
> principles of equality and solidarity and a European Union that strives
> sustainable ecological development for the whole continent. In our green
> vision, the European Union has to be synonymous with and emblematic of the
> concept of peace.  The European Union must stand for peace and should be a
> prime actor in working for peace in the unstable international scenario.
>   The Green objectives are:
>    There are two priorities in this area.  The first is SAFE AND HEALTHY
> FOOD for all citizens.  In order to achieve this we should embark on a
> radical reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), with a strong
> reorientation towards organic farming and increased attention towards
> development, which is the way forward to safeguard the diverse landscapes
of Europe.
>  In order to ensure safe food for all, it is extremely important that
> animal rights are safeguarded, both as regards their breeding as well as
> regards their transport.  Finally, we have to ensure that the consumer
> FIRST and receives adequate protection, with regards to the traceability
> products.  In this respect correct labelling is of extreme importance.  Of
> course, greens are always in favour of the precautionary principle, and
> therefore refuse Genetically Modified organisms in food.
>    The second priority here consists in a SHIFT IN ENERGY POLICY.  This
> means that we must work incessantly to make our governments comply with
> Kyoto Protocoll as regards reducing CO2 emissions;  Nuclear Energy should
> phased out in favour of cleaner and safer alternative energies, which can
> make use of the natural elements of sun, wind and bio-mass; our transport
> systems must be reformed in order to ensure better service, less pollution
> and a better quality of life for all. In order to encourage all this to
> happen, a tax shift culture should prevail: tax on labour should be
reduced and
> eco-taxes on pollution should be introduced instead.
> The major factors that we Greens should strive for are STRONG COMMUNITIES
> citizens and the deployment of European Union REGIONAL AND STRUCTURAL AID
> order to give life to  EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY throughout all Europe.
>   The focus of Green Politics should be on fair pensions for senior
> citizens, public and basic Services for all, such as Health services, gas,
> and electricity; the right to a good education; job security; the sharing
> out of Labour time; the safeguarding of Health and Safety at Work; decent
> Minimum Wages; insisting on fair labour conditions and not cheap labour;
> enhancing a solidary welfare system and developing the European Tradition
> the Welfare State, which entails solidarity and a controlled capitalism.
>   We greens will also strive to ensure that Regional and Structural Funds
> are used to fight Social Exclusion, whilst Standard Welfare Norms related
> to GDP become the order of the day in the quest for Social Justice.
> Safeguarding democracy entails a strong CITIZEN EMPOWERMENT.  This means
> that at the forefront of our Green vision we must have the full protectoon
> of Citizen rights, Human Rights and Minority rights.  Minorities must be
> integrated an their diversity and cultural rights have to be respected. 
> Greens will work for more Participatory Democracy for Civil Society and
>  As regards European justice and police cooperation, we Greens demand more
> civil right guarantees.
>    The EU has an important role to play in combating cross-border crime. 
> Increasing justice and police cooperation, however, should not be at the
> expense of civil rights.  The introduction of the European arrest warrant,
> which allows for the automatic extradiction of indited individuals, means
> that the judicial procedures in member states are more than ever a common
> concern.  Member states have expressed "trust" in each other's procedures.

> That is not good enough.  The Greens demand guarantees for fair trials.
>     In conclusion, the DEMOCRATIZATION OF EUROPE means for us Greens more
> solidarity amongst people; more transparency; accountability and
> control of the European Parliament.  It means more subsidiarity, with
> decentralized powers given to regions and local cities; more participatory
> democracy - even through referenda, as well as fair and equal access to
> Media.
>    The Greens in Europe are in favour of multilateralism and disarmament. 
> We are opposed to weapons of mass destruction.  We must always act in the
> spirit of peace.
>     The Greens must help to build a Europe that has as its priorities
> international solidarity and cooperation.  We Greens will encourage the
> formation of a European Peace Corps that should be involved in conflict
> prevention.  This entails giving out solid help to developing countries in
order to
> achieve a better economic balance amongst the different countries in the
> world.
>      The priorities which we Greens insist upon with regards to the
> European Peace Corps are: that peace policy should be centred around
> diplomacy, cultural appreciation, fair trade and fair control of energy
> resources as well as post-conflict restoration.
>       We Greens call for  the creation of a European Security and Defence
> Council to serve as a forum for discussion on Foreign Affairs Policy.  We
> demand a clear restriction on the sale of armaments in Europe.
>       Finally, as Greens we insist on a clear definition of the roles of
> the UN and of the EU, whilst promoting a joint Common European Policy,
> entails European International actions under the control of the United
> Nations.
>    For us Greens, the EU should play an important role in controlling and
> managing globalization.  The EU has enough weight in international bodies
> (World Bank; IMF, etc.) to bring about change. Europe must be on the
> forefront in the fight for the reform of the current system.  We Greens
> that ecological and social criteria must be taken into account in trade
> issues. We must therefor re-regulate the world economy in order to make it
> sustainable - there must be more democratic control of economy.
>    In affairs pertaining to world trade, we Greens believe in Corporate
> responsibility - with strong and binding rules for Corporations.  There
> should be more place for regional and local economies.  We should also aim
> maintain cultural diversity, in particular by offering incentives to the
> European film industry, in order to enhance its strong tradition.
>    As regards transnational Governance, Europe must have a strong role in
> North-South aid and development cooperation.
>     Finally, a Tobin tax should be introduced on all forms of speculation.
> Nuclear Phase out
> Food Safety
> Animal rights
> Climate change
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