[fyeg_gen-l] Young Green - Down & Out in Paris, but Up and In in London

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Tue Jun 24 22:08:48 CEST 2003

I shall be in Paris 3rd & 19th July.(see below for details). I should very 
much like to meet some French Young Greens or members of Les 

If possible I want to stop the night at someone's place (I shall have a 
sleeping bag so require nothing more than a floor).

It would be good to meet and discuss various things:

1. The French Green perspective and how it differs from the English.
2. The FYEG Conference that is upcoming in Oxford in November.
3. How we can work more closely as European Greens especially 
considering our great history that has entwined us so much in the past 
and will continue to do so in the future.
4. Country Watchers and how our Young Greens can keep informed of 
what is going on over La Manche. We have interest expressed 
explicitly in France. 
5. Any other issues that spring to mind.

I look forward to any possibility of meeting up with anyone and hope 
that it will lead to return visits to us in Britain.

Yours Expectantly

Markus Petz - Enquiries Officer of Young Greens UK

Precise Details:

I am going to Brazil on the 4 July. On the way I shall be in Paris for a 
day & night.
I arrive Charles de Gaulle at 9H00 3rd July and must be at check in 
Charles de Gaulle 9H20 4th July at latest. 
returining I shall be in Paris for a day and a night.
Returning I arrive Charles de Gaulle 11H50 19th July and must be at 
Check in Chrales de Gaulle by 19H55 20th July

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