[fyeg_gen-l] Greens Election MANIFESTO 2004 - Draft

Panu Laturi panu at luna.vihrealiitto.fi
Wed Jun 18 16:28:58 CEST 2003


I send here draft Election manifesto for EP-elections 2004
I have planned to put up discussion group about this manifesto, and if you
are interested, please send mail to me, so I will include you to the list.

The idea behind this is that in late august / beginning of September there
is next meeting of EFGP (European federation of Green Parties) Manifesto
working group. I'm member of that group and I would like to have also view
of young greens included.

So you can join the discussion group or send your comments about
manifesto directly to me.
The group will start its work middle june, when I know who are interested
to join.

t Panu
Spokesperson of FYEG


Latest version following EFGP Council Comments Malta


Greens make a difference in Europe.  Greens in Europe are already playing a crucial role in building a social, ecological and democratic Europe. Greens make a difference in favour of global governance for peace and the environment.
Greens want Europe to make a difference for peace, solidarity, respect for diversity and equity in an increasingly fragile and divided world that needs concrete proposals for a sustainable and just future. Greens are working in favour of an independent and cohesive European foreign policy that actively defends our democratic and ecological values.

The Europe we want is open and tolerant with a strong defence of both cultural and natural diversity. Our Europe is committed to high social and ecological standards on a European and international scale that must take preference over purely commercial interests.  In our Europe the rule of law and the rights of local peoples and individuals prevail bothe over military might and economic dominance.   Greens are already making a difference and with your support in the 2004 European Elections  our influence can be even more decisive in the future.

 We Greens want an enlarged, democratic, social and ecological Europe, where all citizens feel at home and treated with equal dignity; a transparent, democratic and accountable European Union for all, with a Constitution that protects the rights of its citizens; a Social Union built on the basic principles of equality and solidarity and a European Union that strives for sustainable ecological development for the whole continent. In our green vision, the European Union has to be synonymous with and emblematic of the concept of peace.  The European Union must stand for peace and should be a prime actor in working for peace in the unstable international scenario.

  The Green objectives are:


   There are two priorities in this area.  The first is SAFE AND HEALTHY FOOD for all citizens.  In order to achieve this we should embark on a radical reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), with a strong reorientation towards organic farming and increased attention towards rural development, which is the way forward to safeguard the diverse landscapes of Europe.  In order to ensure safe food for all, it is extremely important that animal rights are safeguarded, both as regards their breeding as well as regards their transport.  Finally, we have to ensure that the consumer comes FIRST and receives adequate protection, with regards to the traceability of products.  In this respect correct labelling is of extreme importance.  Of course, greens are always in favour of the precautionary principle, and therefore refuse Genetically Modified organisms in food.
   The second priority here consists in a SHIFT IN ENERGY POLICY.  This means that we must work incessantly to make our governments comply with the Kyoto Protocoll as regards reducing CO2 emissions;  Nuclear Energy should be phased out in favour of cleaner and safer alternative energies, which can make use of the natural elements of sun, wind and bio-mass; our transport systems must be reformed in order to ensure better service, less pollution and a better quality of life for all. In order to encourage all this to happen, a tax shift culture should prevail: tax on labour should be reduced and eco-taxes on pollution should be introduced instead.


The major factors that we Greens should strive for are STRONG COMMUNITIES AND LIVABLE CITIES; with SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC SECURITY for all European citizens and the deployment of European Union REGIONAL AND STRUCTURAL AID in order to give life to  EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY throughout all Europe.
  The focus of Green Politics should be on fair pensions for senior citizens, public and basic Services for all, such as Health services, gas, water and electricity; the right to a good education; job security; the sharing out of Labour time; the safeguarding of Health and Safety at Work; decent Minimum Wages; insisting on fair labour conditions and not cheap labour; enhancing a solidary welfare system and developing the European Tradition of the Welfare State, which entails solidarity and a controlled capitalism.
  We greens will also strive to ensure that Regional and Structural Funds are used to fight Social Exclusion, whilst Standard Welfare Norms related to GDP become the order of the day in the quest for Social Justice.


Safeguarding democracy entails a strong CITIZEN EMPOWERMENT.  This means that at the forefront of our Green vision we must have the full protectoon of Citizen rights, Human Rights and Minority rights.  Minorities must be integrated an their diversity and cultural rights have to be respected.  We Greens will work for more Participatory Democracy for Civil Society and NGOs.  As regards European justice and police cooperation, we Greens demand more civil right guarantees.
   The EU has an important role to play in combating cross-border crime.  Increasing justice and police cooperation, however, should not be at the expense of civil rights.  The introduction of the European arrest warrant, which allows for the automatic extradiction of indited individuals, means that the judicial procedures in member states are more than ever a common concern.  Member states have expressed "trust" in each other's procedures.  That is not good enough.  The Greens demand guarantees for fair trials.
    In conclusion, the DEMOCRATIZATION OF EUROPE means for us Greens more solidarity amongst people; more transparency; accountability and democratic control of the European Parliament.  It means more subsidiarity, with decentralized powers given to regions and local cities; more participatory democracy - even through referenda, as well as fair and equal access to the Media.


   The Greens in Europe are in favour of multilateralism and disarmament.  We are opposed to weapons of mass destruction.  We must always act in the spirit of peace.
    The Greens must help to build a Europe that has as its priorities international solidarity and cooperation.  We Greens will encourage the formation of a European Peace Corps that should be involved in conflict prevention.  This entails giving out solid help to developing countries in order to achieve a better economic balance amongst the different countries in the world.
     The priorities which we Greens insist upon with regards to the European Peace Corps are: that peace policy should be centred around mediation, diplomacy, cultural appreciation, fair trade and fair control of energy resources as well as post-conflict restoration.
      We Greens call for  the creation of a European Security and Defence Council to serve as a forum for discussion on Foreign Affairs Policy.  We demand a clear restriction on the sale of armaments in Europe.
      Finally, as Greens we insist on a clear definition of the roles of the UN and of the EU, whilst promoting a joint Common European Policy, which entails European International actions under the control of the United Nations.


   For us Greens, the EU should play an important role in controlling and managing globalization.  The EU has enough weight in international bodies (World Bank; IMF, etc.) to bring about change. Europe must be on the forefront in the fight for the reform of the current system.  We Greens insist that ecological and social criteria must be taken into account in trade issues. We must therefor re-regulate the world economy in order to make it more sustainable - there must be more democratic control of economy.
   In affairs pertaining to world trade, we Greens believe in Corporate responsibility - with strong and binding rules for Corporations.  There should be more place for regional and local economies.  We should also aim to maintain cultural diversity, in particular by offering incentives to the European film industry, in order to enhance its strong tradition.
   As regards transnational Governance, Europe must have a strong role in North-South aid and development cooperation.
    Finally, a Tobin tax should be introduced on all forms of speculation.


Nuclear Phase out
Food Safety
Animal rights
Climate change

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