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Don't Bypass Bargoed.org.uk has received 800 hits in four days!

Thank you to all you lovely people who have helped with this campaign, from
the residents of Bargoed, from Friends of the Earth, from the Wales Green

If you haven't already spammed the politicians, take the ACTION at

And if you have: there's even MORE of them on the receiving end now: SPAM

with best wishes

P.S. See the article below from the Wales on Sunday: (also, the Western Mail
tommorow, and don't forget to buy THE BIG ISSUE, which has an article in it
(you should buy it anyway!) :-)

June 8th

Wales on Sunday

A £17.5m bypass planned for a Valleys town will be slower than the present
high street route. Campaigners against the plan to bypass Bargoed claim the
huge building job will be a waste of time and money. They claim there must
be a major rethink of the plan, which has been under consideration for
almost 20 years.

Local politicians believe the one-and-a-half mile road will be vital to the
regeneration of valleys communities. However, planners have been sent a
27-page report which claims the road won't even make journey times faster.
It states that motorists travelling at 25mph through the town will still get
to their final destination quicker than if they use the new road.

Town resident Matt Wootton, the man behind the report, also claims the road
and any related supermarket development would kill off local shops. "People
are saying that at last they are doing something for Bargoed, but that's not
true, " said Mr Wootton. "And who ever heard of a by-pass which takes
drivers longer than the existing road?" Mr Wootton, a Wales Green Party
member and one of the organisers of the Don't Bypass Bargoed residents'
campaign and website, added: "When people started looking at this plan in
the 1980s the land was black from the mines, since then it has become a
country park. We are talking about a very different situation to when the
idea was first mooted."

Caerphilly council planners will discuss the plan this week, but it already
has the backing of former Environment and Transport Minister Sue Essex who
announced the scheme as part of a future transport plan at the National
Assembly earlier this year.

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