[fyeg_gen-l] FYEG and European Social Forum in Paris

Sascha Bachmann sascha at netzmomente.de
Fri Jun 6 19:26:56 CEST 2003


while Sweden Exchange last week we had a work shop on ESF in Paris this 
November, where we decided to coordinate Young Green actions at ESF or 
maybe make a FYEG action.

Therefore we created this list, with these members at the moment:

Alastair Mackenzie <aly at say.co.uk>
Anna Fazekas <a.fazekas at freemail.hu>
Benjamin Grochowski <b.grochowski at gmx.de>
Christina Borsfay <borsfay at hotmail.com>
Franzi Resch <faultierfranzi at freenet.de>
Maja Bumberak <maja.zofi at freemail.hu>
Sascha Bachmann <sascha at netzmomente.de>
Ska Keller <tique007 at web.de>

As you see there are only members from UK, Hungary and Germany. If your 
Member Organisation also prepares action at ESF, please subscribe your 
contact person for this to this list or yourself:
(Available in English, Hungarian, German, French and Dutch at the moment. 
Don't forget to submit your first and last name also with this form)

Next real life meeting of this team will be while Bosnia Summercamp from 
August 11 to 16.

Thanx for taking notice,

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