[fyeg_gen-l] European Green Party: Donde Discussion ?

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Tue Jan 28 23:29:35 CET 2003

Dear friends, hallo to everybody!
I think that building an European Green Party is the only way that we have
for influencing the european and global policy. After the birth in Seattle
in 1999 of a new global movement against neoliberal globalisation, politics
is more and more global. I think that we must understand that now we are
all involved (greens, young greens, not greens) in a big battle for saving
our planet. As green actors in this battle we can have, obviously, some
different points of view because we have, inside us, local specificities,
different conceptions of being green, but we are all involved in the same
direction. So, why not have a real european coordination and a common strategy?
This can give us the possibility of acting on some topics in the same period
and even in the same day (like the demonstrations against war the 15 february
for example) in all European countries and regions, to organise international
meetings with thousends of people and not only some delegates. For example,
in Paris in 1999 was very nice to meet so much young greens from all Europe
in the "Pic-Nic de l'Europe", the first European Young Greens great meeting
(I was not in Berlin last year)! The "old" greens in their history has not
organised an event like this! This is in my opinion an historical retard.
So, I'm totally in favour to this proposal of creating a real European Green
Party. If the young greens will be directly involved in this process this
will be very important for the future of greens.
The most important thing is that this process of coordination and "unification"
will involve in the discussions and decisions all the greens around Europe
and not only some members of Parliaments or national leaders.

Best wishes

Alessandro De Marinis
Italian greens

(in Italy since 1990 we have only one green party)

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>Yes a discussion woud be good.
>I would favour being a Young Green Federation rather than a full European
>Young Green Party at the moment.
>I think that we are too little known to each other to say that we have
>in common to form a Party yet..
>For example there are 2 Italian Green Parties, Espanya is only just
>beginning to form into a National Party (and the Basques are they part
>this?), the British Isles is split between several parties, much of Southern
>Europe only has incipient Green Parties and Eastern Europe and Turkey -
>many of them only a few activists at the moment without a clear
>understanding of what a Green Party for them means. France also has a
>few divisions.
>We need a common forum for us all to be Greens in but a few of us turning
>it into a Party may well push people away rather than draw them together.
>we organically grow together so be it, but a the moment there are just
>separate groves not a Green Forest.
>Yours the forrester
>Marcus Petz
>PS I'd love to see this debated after the main European Party has been
>going for about a year.
>On 28 Jan 2003 at 9:49, Luke Haywood wrote:
>> Moin Sacha & Dear All,
>> whatever happened to the separate discussion lists we had
>> sought to establish in Gent? It would be good to have a
>> proper discussion on the EFGP and our relation to it...
>> especially as it seems that the green parties' proposals
>> for structure of new EGP don't seem very advanced yet
>> (or am I wrong?)
>> have a lovely day, luke.
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>> > Hi folks,
>> >
>> > the European Federation of Green Parties is planning to found the "European
>> > Green Party" from February 20 to 22, 2004 in Roma on their congress.
>> >
>> > Simultaneously the European Green campaign for elections in June 2004
>> > start.
>> >
>> > I believe we should discuss this on General Assembly in Helsinki in
>> > Now we really have make clear what FYEG should be in connection to
>> > European Party.
>> >
>> > Sascha
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