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Tue Jan 28 14:02:59 CET 2003

Dear green friends,

we are starting to be busy here at our web. Bravo!

This letter aims to explain how list work and how can you find latest news on FYEG work.

FYEG is founded in Strasbourg, January 1988, and this year is our 15 birthday! Through out many year we aimed to be connection for cooperation of all young greens in Europe and hopes goes to have even better and more productive international cooperation within Europe in following years.

Our web site is going to be useful link and in serve of you all in future. Till the end of February this web site will be fully functional and we really hope to be able to use it as important communication tool for exchange of info between members. Web address is: www.fyeg.org. Our plan is to make it professional this year and at the moment executive committee is trying to find the best offer.

E lists as well are part of our communication structure and at present several lists are there to support flow of information:

General list: gen-l at fyeg.org	fyeg_gen-l at listi.jpberlin.de

At the moment around 140 subscribers share info through this list. Member organisations, contact persons as well as number of people interested in work of Young Greens. To send an e mail to all of them use links at the top.

You can freely subscribe and un-subscribe by following link at the end of every letter.

Member organisation list: mos-l at fyeg.org	fyeg_mos-l at listi.jpberlin.de

This list is reserved for exchange of info between member organisations. It supports exchange of info that are not considered to be of specific interest of everyone but members.

Several more lists are created in order to support discussion on certain topics and preparations of our international seminars:

Migrations in Europe campaign list: fyeg_mc-l at listi.jpberlin.de 

Gender list:gender-l at fyeg.org	fyeg_gender-l at listi.jpberlin.de 

Regionalism in Europe list: regions-l at fyeg.org	fyeg_regions-l at listi.jpberlin.de

Alpine network list: alps-l at fyeg.org	fyeg_alps-l at listi.jpberlin.de 

Executive Committee list: ec-l at fyeg.org	 fyeg_ec-l at listi.jpberlin.de

All of our lists are hosted by JP Berlin, non--commercial provider working with German Greens.

For more info on our lists and any problems you can always contact  Sascha at: sascha at fyeg.org 

With kind regards,

Aleksandar Jovanovic
Office Coordinator and Administrator
Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG)
European Parliament 
ASP 8G138
Rue Wiertz
B-1047 Brussels, Belgium
tel:+32 2 284 24 40
fax:+32 2 284 92 73
mob: + 32 4 86 96 17 18
e mail: fyeg at europarl.eu.int
web: www.fyeg.org

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