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Subject: regional training in Macedonia

Dear friends from the Youth Forum,

please find below the call for participation in a regional training to take
place in Macedonia from February 11 to 16. This training is expecially
dedicated to young people living in South Eastern Europe. Therefore, could
you please forward the call to your member organisations based in the

Thanks a lot in advance, and last but not least JEF Europe wishes you a very
successfull 2003 !
See you all soon at the COMEM.

Marianne Bonnard
Secretary General
On behalf of JEF-Europe

"Walking towards a United Europe - the Case of Human Rights in Central and
Eastern Europe", Ohrid, JEF-Europe and JEF-Macedonia regional training

JEF Macedonia in co-operation with JEF Europe is proud to announce a
regional training seminar "Walking towards a United Europe - the Case of
Human Rights in Central and Eastern Europe," to take place in Macedonia's
beautiful lake-side resort of Ohrid between 11 and 16 February 2003.

The Republic of Macedonia is a relatively small European state in terms of
its territory and population, but rich in diverse ethnical groups that have
lived there. At the same time, this country of numerous natural beauties,
has witnessed a long and painful transition to market economy and the rule
of democracy and law. All these characteristics make Macedonia a typical
example of a country in the Balkan region. At the same time there are a lot
of harmful stereotypes, both among the ethnic groups that have lived side by
side in this region as well as between the Balkans and the West, that stand
in the way of progress of the region and its full incorporation in the
European integration processes.

JEF Macedonia and JEF Europe thus believe that it is high time to launch a
true, open, and honest debate about the future of the region and its place
in Europe.

Topics to be tackled during the week, but not to be limited to include: the
general level of democracy in Macedonia and the region with a special focus
on the protection of human rights, minority rights, and active
articipation  - especially the youth. The role of civil society and views on
the future of the region will also be among the main topics discussed, along
with the general introduction to the political and economic situation in

The inspection of concrete possibilities of active involvement and
participation of the region's Youth in making a positive change will be one
of the priorities of this seminar.

The organisers thus call upon young people from Macedonia and the broader
region of the Balkans to come to Ohrid and spend a week in company of 15
local and 15 regional participants.

More information and the application form are available on our website

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