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Dear friends,
below you will find job announcement from EYFA. I think it is quite interesting.


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Climate change activism position: Risingtide international co-

Are you interested in working on climate change activism but have no 
way to support yourself?  Well there will be a one year position 
available, as the Risingtide international network co-ordinator, 
in April 2003.  

The position: Although it s a long, dull job title, the role itself 
is far 
from it.  Your Risingtide responsibilities should only take half of 
time, so the rest is freed up for your own personal climate-related 
project. Your responsibilities will include:

*   organising one annual Risingtide international meeting
*   managing the Risingtide e-groups (with the active support of 
    the previous moderator)
*   collecting and sending out news from climate change 
    activities in the network from all over the world in the form of 
    monthly email newsletter
*   keeping groups in the network informed and in touch with 
    each other
*   supporting new groups and individuals in the network to start 
    taking action
*   completing applications for funding the position in 2004 (don t 
    be put of, it s easy)
*   passing all your skills and knowledge onto your successor

The network recognises that it is the responsibility of all groups to 

support the international coordinator, in areas such as helping with 
fundraising and sending in regular news of their activities.

Requirements. You need to:

*   be under 26 on the start date (April 2003).
*   be a member of an EU country or Iceland, Liechtenstein, 
    Norway, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, 
    Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovak 
    Republic, or Slovenia.
*   be committed to a holistic way of approaching climate change 
    and aware of the interconnections between social, 
    environmental and economic issues.
*   have an understanding and positive attitude to diverse forms 
    of action.  However, you do not necessarily need to have 
    experience of climate change activism or extensive 
    knowledge of climate change issues. 
*   agree with the principles of Risingtide, which are laid out in 
    political statement (see below).
*   have a working knowledge of the English language 
*   thrive on working independently, although the host group and 
    the rest of the network will give you as much support as 

Practical details:  The position will be based in Oxford, which is a 
beautiful picturesque city in England.  You will be working from one 
the Risingtide UK offices.  The UK group and the Carbontradewatch 
project, which also has it s UK base there, will support and help you 

with your responsibilities as well as practical arrangements like 
accommodation etc.  There will be many opportunities to also get 
involved with the UK Risingtide network.  The wages are subsistence 
only, but enough to eat, sleep and have a little bit left over for 
with.  You will be completely independent with no boss and the office 

structure is non-hierarchical.  Decisions in the network are made on 
consensus basis as far as possible, although you will have a 
mandate to make every-day decisions.  You should familiarise 
yourself with this way of working and be open to it.

Who is Risingtide? Risingtide is an international network of people 
and groups committed to a grassroots approach to fighting for 
climate justice.  It was born in May 2000 in response to the UN 
climate talks failure to challenge climate injustice.  Risingtide 
a space for a diverse set of activities and actions in The Hague 
COP6, including the Climate Justice Summit where grassroots 
activists from all over the world spoke about their struggles and the 

connections between climate change and other social and 
environmental problems, as well as dance, street theatre, art and 
direct actions inside and outside the official conference centre.  
Risingtide then organised in Bonn at the COP6.5 climate talks in July 

2001 where a range of actions and street events happened.  
Risingtide has become a truly international network of groups and 
individuals in; Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, Nepal, South Africa, 
South Korea, Australia, The Netherlands, UK, Spain, Uruguay, 
Morocco, Norway, Finland and Ireland and many more.  

Contact for more details: Heidi, Jo or George on +44 1865 
727911/241097 and/or info at risingtide.org.uk 

   Rising Tide - Coalition for Climate Justice Political Statement

RT political statement Rising Tide is an international network of 
groups and individuals committed to a grassroots approach to 
fighting for climate justice. We believe that the Kyoto protocol will 
to combat the climate change crisis. Instead the protocol promotes 
the self-interest of corporations and industrialised nations and 
marginalises issues of global equity and the environment.


We believe that social and economic equity between and within 
countries lies at the heart of all solutions to climate change.

These must include:

· A Just Transition  to renewable energy sources, i.e. a transition 
which doesn t fall hardest on low-income communities, communities 
of colour or low-income employees of industries reliant on fossil 

· Repayment of the ecological debt of the north to the south. 
Ecological debt is caused by the extraction, use and destruction of 
southern resources such as fossil fuels, minerals, forests, marine & 
genetic resources. These resources are usually exported to the north 
under unequal terms of trade, typically to pay back third world debt. 

Northern industrialised countries have an obligation to help repair 
reverse the damage caused to the biosphere.

· Equal access to, and responsibility for, common global resources 
amongst all peoples.


We believe that successful solutions will be defined by those most 
severely affected by climate change and who have been 
systematically excluded from negotiations, for example developing 
countries, island states, indigenous peoples, women, children and 
refugees of all kinds.

· We need to recognise the plight and the rights of refugees fleeing 
from the effects of climate change, economic collapse or wars, which 
always have inequality and exploitation at their core. 

· Energy to meet basic needs is an essential element of climate 
justice. Subsistence emissions of marginalised groups must not be 
targeted by any plans to reduce global emissions. 

· Challenging sexism and racism are at the core of Rising Tides  
principles and actions. 

· We must take responsibility to protect all living species which 
destruction in the wake of climate change.


The targets agreed for industrialised countries in the Kyoto Protocol 

(a 5.2% average reduction of 1990 carbon emission levels by 2012), 
dangerously underestimate what is needed. We believe that this 
protocol is another aspect of the economic globalisation, which is 
also promoted by international institutions like the World Trade 
Organisation (WTO) and World Bank. This globalisation, with its 
accelerating demand for fossil fuel consumption, is triggering ever-
faster climate change. 

· We need to make a minimum of 60% reductions in carbon 
emissions now, as proposed by the Intergovernmental Panel on 
Climate Change (IPCC). In fact, we need to go beyond the IPCC 
recommendations to achieve cuts of 90% within 50 years. We 
acknowledge the magnitude of these changes, but are convinced that 
only cuts of this kind can hope to stabilise the climate. 

· Reducing carbon emissions has to mean ending fossil fuel 
exploration and shifting to renewable energies. These could play a 
substantial role in achieving the cuts we need, but only when coupled 

with a low-consumption lifestyle.

· We believe in grassroots action to challenge the corporate and 
elite interests responsible both for climate change, and for blocking 

real efforts to
find solutions to it. 


The market in carbon emissions trading is colonialism with a modern 

The biggest polluters have not only evaded responsibility for their 
emissions, but have created carbon trading, which perpetuates and 
deepens unequal access to and control of resources. A key element 
of carbon trading is the carbon sink, which is a strategy designed to 

appropriate indigenous lands. Other development projects, such as 
nuclear energy, large dams and other large-scale, hi-tech projects 
have come to be known as Joint Implementation and Clean 
Development Mechanisms in the Kyoto Protocol. 

These are false solutions, which are being dumped on marginalised 
communities, thus widening the gap between rich and poor. They 
create the illusion that southern countries are benefiting, while 
masking the fact that it is rich countries and companies, which are 
profiting from access to emissions permits and control of new 
southern markets. People are being cheated in the name of 
sustainable development. 

Rising Tide advocates

· A Just Transition  to renewable energy sources, with a low 
consumption lifestyle

· Repayment of the ecological debt of the north to the south.

· Equal access to - and responsibility for - common global resources 
for all peoples.

· That solutions to climate chaos and the achievement of climate 
justice must be defined by those most severely affected.

· Current and future support for refugees of all kinds.

· A minimum of 60% reductions in carbon emissions now leading to a 
90% cut in the next 10 years

Rising Tide is against

· New Fossil fuel exploration

· Emissions trading, Carbon sinks, Clean Development Mechanism, 
Joint Implementation and other false solutions being used as a way to 

escape responsibility for emissions reductions

The Rising Tide network will take action until the threats of 
climate change have been resolved in an equitable and 
effective way.

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