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Hey Luke,
funny you should mention it -a group of friends from Ireland and I are
planning to cycle across Europe to the Ukraine for Ecotopia this summer!
We'd love to meet up with people along the way -but organising all that
comes along after exams! but maybe you could keep it in mind if you are
talking to your friends again ;)
hope you're keeping well,

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> Dear young green europeans,
> Nuclear energy is a topic which will probably become quite important not
> only on a national level, but also on a European level. I have been in
> with some of our friends from the Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic,
> and one idea that we had was to have a big bike ride, across all of Europe
> to Tchernobyl, which I am sure you are all aware of, blew up on 26/04/86.
> It is probably too tight to set up this bike ride for this year, but if we
> could organise in advance a bike tour through the whole of FYEG-land,
> be impressive. The countryside on the way is beautiful, and we'd surely
> great support from other organisations and meet even greater people along
the way!
> Let  me know what you think, or if anyone would be interested in trying to
> organise this kind of event... below some notes as to why nuclear is a
> that interests FYEG...
> EURATOM, which was a treaty that was put in place to secure the
development of nuclear energy:
> "It shall be the task of the Community to contribute to the
> raising of the standard of living in the Member States (..) by creating
> conditions necessary for the speedy establishment and growth of nuclear
> industries".
> For at least two reasons there is a window of opportunity to form
> nuclear policy now:
> (a) when new countries are admitted into the EU, it is often demanded that
> meet strict safety standards. the funny thing is, the EU has NO SAFETY
STANDARDS. There have been official rulings in Germany stating that
> would be illegal in Germany. Most of British nuclear reactors (Magnox) are
> on 50-60s technology, i.e. very old.
> We should contribute to the talk of unified security standards on a high
> by showing that this is ridiculous given the fact that half of the (old)
EU's nuclear reactors would have to be closed down if we took the most
> safety procedures as the norm.
> (b) There are some countries which are supportive of anti-nuclear
> notably germany. There are so many areas in which non-nuclear development
> must be supported, e.g. no worldbank-debts, no EU develpoment aid, not
> nuclear as "green electricity" etc.
> see you all soon,
> love, luke.
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