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Fire can not be burned out with fire, but  with  water
Instead of bombs and violence, international pressure and solidarity for
unbiased communication, disarmament, freedom and democracy

 in Iraq

The MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network took part in the demonstration on Saturday
15/2 at Sintagma Square and supported the international movement for
avoidance of the war in Iraq and the disarmament with peaceful means

The MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network advocates that citizens all over the world
(including American citizens too), all governments, the European Union, all
international organizations (particularly the U.N. and the Security Council)
have to:

·         enhance all their efforts to avoid the war in Iraq, having in mind
the serious human, cultural and environmental catastrophe that could emerge
as a result, as well as the growth of insecurity and uncertainty at
worldwide level

·         support the U.N.inspectors with new measures and enough time for a
systematic and persistent attempt to disarm the (eventually) existing
chemical, biological and nuclear arsenal of Iraq

·         support multilateral initiatives (for example cooperation with
local comunities, development assistance support with no involvement of the
regime, dialogue and cooperation with social actors with the perspective
Iraq to be integrated again in the international community,etc.) which will
contribute to the democratisation of the Iraqi society, uderlying the
solidarity of the international community towards Iraq and the Iraqi people.
The money allocated for war expences, could be spend for democracy, freedom
and sustainable development of the Iraqi society.

The responsibilities of the regime are not responsibilities of the Iraqi

It is unquestionable that in Iraq there is a dictatorship regime under
Saddam Hussein which does no tolerate criticism; it is responsible for
tortures and executions; it was supplied with nuclear, chemical and
biological weapons; it has bombed the Kurds with every kind of weapon which
resulted over 100.000 victims (including 5000 from chemical weapons in
1988); it took part in the horrible Iran-Iraq war that resulted the death of
1.000.000 Iranian and Iraqi people; and it invaded in Kouveit. The
responsibilities of the dictatorship regime should not be faced though as
collective responsibilities of the Iraqi society and should not pursue
collective punishments of the innocent civilians with bombings and embargo
on foods and medicine.

War is the failure of politics and civilization

The MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network, just like millions of people from all over
the world, is against the war in Iraq and against the war as a way to
resolve problems, because war and violence are uncivilized and inhuman
means, they are the failure of politics and civilization to find appropriate
instruments for improving the standard of life on the planet. The goals for
democracy, freedom and disarmament should not be imposed with antidemocratic
and military means. A war in Iraq as a prevention tool for avoiding a
potential future threat or for bringing down the dictatorship regime does
not have any moral base. The victims will be thousands of innocent
civilians, there will be disproportional and unreasonable violence, the gap
between West and East will be broadened, the support of violent and
terrorist groups will increase and more fear and insecurity will be caused.

Awakening of the international community

A better liability regime is needed at the international level since a lot
of European and American companies have sold to the Iraqi regime products,
usually with the support and encouragement of the governments, which
facilitated its arming programme. Governments were keeping sight of the
Iraq-Iran war and the use of chemical weapons in 1988 with apathy. Of course
the demand for disarment should not be confined only in Iraq, cosidering
that chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction, as well
as armor enriched with depleted uranium are disposed in a lot of countries.
It is very important for the movement that fights against the war in Iraq,
to claim the abandoment of those weapons no matter if they belong to Iraq,
or USA, Great Britain, Russia, Israel, India, Pakistan, etc.

War and the bombs do not bring democracy

The Democratisation of dictatorship regimes and the settlement of
international tensions and conflicts could be strengthened by upgrading the
role of the U.N. and enhancing the democratic processes of the Security
Council, by securing the role of the International Court of Justice and by
incorporating values of human rights, sustainable development and social
justice. In the case of Iraq, a joint initiative from the U.N. and the Arab
Coalition towards freedom and democracy in the Iraqi society could work in
parallel with the inspections and assist the inspectors with their tasks.
Moreover, the fair and peaceful solution of the Palestinian problem could
play a catalysing role in the process of democratisation and the resolution
of tensions in the region.

The role of Europe

It is necessary for Europe not only to follow a common foreign policy based
on principles and values of democracy and human rights, but also to act like
a discuraging factor for military operation, even, if necessary, to raise
veto in the Security Council. In the case that USA proceed unilateraly to
military intervention, the European Union and its member states, have to
prepare an emergency action plan to face the humanitarian catastrophe which
will emerge due to the migration of hundred thousands of people.

The Economy and the markets should not dominate over humanity

Some people support the idea that the "markets" want a fast and efficient
war and this will bring the "spring" in some corporations (mainly dealing
with petroleum and military supply). It is unethical for the neoliberal
economy and the stock markets to consider war as an economic transaction
without considering at the same time the catastrophic consequences on the
environment, the society and the human lives. In the case of Iraq, who could
ignore the unbearable cost in human lives and who could reassure that
worldwide uncertainty and insecurity will not increase? Who could ignore the
economic consequences that will affect a lot of social stratums and
countries as a result of the military operations? Who could ignore the fact
that when we demand nowadays social and environmental sustainability it is
not acceptable to undertake a war for acquiring petroleum and other economic

Independence from petroleum market and development of renewable energy

The pattern of life imposed by the old American dream requires the supply of
20 million barrels of petroleum daily, 50% of which is imported by the USA.
The strong dependence on fossil fuels is responsible not only for
environmental problems like climate change (the greenhouse effect), air
pollution and water pollution (from rejections, leakages and accidents like
the Prestige), but also for military operations (Iraq, Chechnya, Latin
America) and the destruction of local communities (Nigeria) over the control
of energy-petroleum reserves.

While the official USA policy fights the implementation of the Kyoto
Protocol for the protection of the world climate, leads the petroleum
alliance and develops an offensive policy for having control over the energy
reserves, at the same time the US has shown "another "face: interesting
examples of American cities, industries and states have achieved substantial
results as regards energy saving and the development of innovative renewable
energy technologies.

Our independence from petroleum and fossil fuels and the crucial shift to
renewable energy resources (wind, sun, biomass, etc.) can improve our life
and decrease tension sources. Citizens and communities which fight against
the war -and it is obvious that this war will not have the support of the
majority of citizens both in Europe and the USA - should change their
consumption patterns, by decreasing their energy consumption and their
dependence from petroleum, if we really don't want this or any other war to
be undertaken supposedly on our behalf.

We are not against the USA, we are in favor of the "other USA "

The MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network is in solidarity with movements against the
war, which are developed in the USA, Europe and all over the world. We are
in favor of the "other USA", but we are not against the USA and the American
people. We feel that we struggle all together for a world based on
principles, values and policies for ecological and social sustainable
development, peace, collaboration, democracy and human rights all over the

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