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at first: i think it's a great idea. EURATOM is a urgent issue; there's the
danger that it will be fixed in the european convention. that has to be
but: at the moment we really have to focus on the migration campaign. we
should put all our strength in this campaign to make it a very effective
(and glamorous;-)) one. we haven't got the ressources to developp and carry
out two of such big things.

i think we should do this tour but only after having finished our current
campaign, even if this means to start the anti-nuclear power-project not
before 2005.

may be we should also have a look on the topics of the green election
campaigns for europian parliasment elections in 2004. may be energy will
become a great issue in their program

best wishes

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Dear young green europeans,

Nuclear energy is a topic which will probably become quite important not
only on a national level, but also on a European level. I have been in touch
with some of our friends from the Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic,
and one idea that we had was to have a big bike ride, across all of Europe
to Tchernobyl, which I am sure you are all aware of, blew up on 26/04/86.
It is probably too tight to set up this bike ride for this year, but if we
could organise in advance a bike tour through the whole of FYEG-land, that'd
be impressive. The countryside on the way is beautiful, and we'd surely meet
great support from other organisations and meet even greater people along
the way!

Let  me know what you think, or if anyone would be interested in trying to
organise this kind of event... below some notes as to why nuclear is a topic
that interests FYEG...

EURATOM, which was a treaty that was put in place to secure the development
of nuclear energy:
"It shall be the task of the Community to contribute to the
raising of the standard of living in the Member States (..) by creating the
conditions necessary for the speedy establishment and growth of nuclear

For at least two reasons there is a window of opportunity to form
nuclear policy now:

(a) when new countries are admitted into the EU, it is often demanded that
meet strict safety standards. the funny thing is, the EU has NO SAFETY
STANDARDS. There have been official rulings in Germany stating that
would be illegal in Germany. Most of British nuclear reactors (Magnox) are
on 50-60s technology, i.e. very old.

We should contribute to the talk of unified security standards on a high
by showing that this is ridiculous given the fact that half of the (old)
EU's nuclear reactors would have to be closed down if we took the most
safety procedures as the norm.

(b) There are some countries which are supportive of anti-nuclear
notably germany. There are so many areas in which non-nuclear development
must be supported, e.g. no worldbank-debts, no EU develpoment aid, not
nuclear as "green electricity" etc.

see you all soon,

love, luke.
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