[fyeg_gen-l] Join the protest against the Iraq war on the 15th of February 2003

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Dear Friends

Ecolojovem Os Verdes wil participate in several demonstrations in Portugal,
mainly in Lisbon.
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> Dear friends
> FYEG like other organisations is appealing to its members to go in the
> streets and organise or join the protest against war in Iraq on the 15th
> February 2003.  You will find the statment attached to this mail which I
> kindly ask you to distribute.
> I would also like a few of you to write a short paragraph about the
> which you will be involved in and if possible to send some pictures which
> will feature in the next Ecosprinter March 2003.  So I am waiting for some
> promises for articles from you :)
> Take care
> Natalie Debono
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> Join the protest against the Iraq war on the 15th of February 2003
> This is an appeal to all the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG)
> members to stand up against USA unilateral actions against Iraq.
> The opposition against a new war in Iraq is growing and the 15th of
> will be marked by demonstrations in all European capitals and around the
> world. We hope that as many as possible of our member organisations will
> present on this day. Contact your local organisation for more information
> the when and where the event should take place.
> FYEG statement on Iraq
> The planned war against Iraq is threatening to destabilise the whole
> and trigger a humanitarian and ecological catastrophe in an already
> region. We are in a situation were the USA unilaterally or in alliance
> European countries may decide to intervene in Iraq without putting forward
> the proper information on the true intentions for the war. The reasons may
> be various, ranging from terrorism to oil but the truth is that we are
> in the dark.  We are not informed of the full scale of the Bush
> administration's visions for the region. This alone is a strong enough
> reason to oppose the war. Any intervention must be based on international
> law and a broad political base not solely on the determination of the USA.
> We say no in the name of international law and peace
> - Therefore we call for an extension of the mandate for the UN weapons
> inspectors so that they are given adequate time and resources for a
> completion of their mission.
> - Diplomatic solution must be used in an attempt to de-escalate the
> and defuse the conflict, as the recent Franco-German proposals.
> - The Security Council must look at other options to war for holding
> Hussein to account for his disregard for human rights and international
> cooperation and a potential failure to comply with Resolution 1441. These
> include the use of "smart sanctions" targeted at the governmental elite.'
> - Economic sanctions should be lifted because of their perverse
> for the Iraqi people and their obvious ineffectiveness in achieving the
> goals they were set up to reach.
> Jeanette Perman
> Spokesperson
> Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG)
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