[fyeg_gen-l] FYEG Suitcase Tears Down European Walls!

Natalie Debono ndebono at ba-malta.org
Wed Dec 31 09:08:43 CET 2003

FYEG Suitcase Tears Down European Walls!

A suitcase as a symbol of travel.  Tourists have dozens of them, refugees
have no time to pack and leave without them.  Economic migrants hope to
bring back a bigger suitcase than the one they left home with.

We, the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG), have our own suitcase.
It has started its journey from under a Christmas tree in Flanders (Aalst),
on the 25th December 2003.   The suitcase is not a Christmas present, but a
symbol that will be passed on to all 26 FYEG member organisations, many of
them are outside the enlarged European Union, such as Serbia, Montenegro and
Ukraine.  By crossing freely across all borders in Europe, it symbolises the
fact that goods can travel more easily than human beings and promotes the
aims of FYEG’s Migration Campaign ‘Destination Europe.  Tear down the walls
in your head.’  Our aims are to promote respect for the Human Rights of
refugees and better conditions for them in the destination countries.  In
fact, we want no borders at all!  Inside the suitcase, information on
migration and campaigning tools is thereby made available to all our

Normally people travel with a suitcase.  Ours is different: the suitcase
itself travels with its owners.  There are two dolls inside it, Semira and
Ojomela.  They symbolise a refugee and an economic migrant.  FYEG will
report on the experiences of their trips throughout Europe, crossing borders
and taking part in various events.  Their passports should enable them to
pass border controls and will show the different stages of their voyage.

For further information on the FYEG Migration Campaign, please check our
website: www.destinationeurope.org

Contact person:
Joke Van de Putte
                                  jokevdputte at hotmail.com
                                   Mobile: 0032 472 49 06 46
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