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Dear Friends,

We would like to announce the "Dubai International Award for Best Practices"
for the year 2004.
Dubai International Award for Best Practices was established to improve the
Living Environment within the International Conference on Best Practices
held in Dubai in 1995. As a result of four successive Award cycles in 1996,
1998, 2000 and 2002, currently there are over 1600 good and best practices
from 140 countries featured on the Best Practices database. At each cycle,
an independent committee of technical experts (Technical Advisory Committee)
identifies Good and Best Practices and prepares a shortlist. An
international jury selects the award winners from the shortlist. The purpose
of these awards is to recognize and enhance awareness of outstanding and
sustainable achievements in improving the living environment as per the
basic criteria established by the Habitat II Summit in 1996 and the Dubai

On World Habitat Day, in October 2004, Dubai Municipality will present the
fifth Dubai International Award to a new group of 10 Best Practices.

The award is open to government organizations or agencies, including
bilateral aid agencies; national Habitat committees or focal points;
multilateral Agencies (United Nations Agencies, World Bank, etc.), cities,
local authorities or their associations; non-governmental organizations
(NGOs); community-based organizations (CBOs); private sector; research and
academic institutions; media; public or private foundations; individuals are
eligible for the Dubai International Award provided that they are submitting
a specific initiative or project that meets the Best Practice criteria.

The total amount of the Award is US$ 400,000 (Four hundred thousand US
Dollars). This amount will be divided as follows:

a.       US$ 300,000 (Three hundred thousand US Dollars) for ten Best

b.      US$ 100,000 (One hundred thousand US Dollars) towards management
expenses including travel and accommodation for a delegation of up to two
people for each award winning best practice.

c.       Each Best Practice Award winner will also receive a trophy and
commemorative certificate especially designed for the award.

We would also like to remind you that the category for best practices
includes the theme on "Children and Youth" and that last year two youth
projects were selected as best practices from the Arab Region. As the
Secretariat of Youth for Habitat International Network, we are one of the
best practice partner institutions and that we will be glad to provide any
kind of additional information that you would like to learn regarding this

Other themes are; Use of Information in Decision Making, Older Persons,
Architecture and Urban Design, Children and Youth, Technology, Tools,
Methods; Urban and Regional Planning;Production adn Consumption Patterns;
Disaster and Emergency; Gender Equity and Equality; Civic Engagement and
Cultural Vitality; Urban Governance; Land Use Management; Housing;
Infrastructure, Communication, Transportation; Environmental Management;
Social Services; Economic Development; Poverty Eradication

Submissions shall be sent to either UN-HABITAT or Dubai Municipality, or any
recognized Best Practice partner institutions. Submissions should be sent
on-line via Email, fax or mail.

Deadline: March 31, 2004

More Information, application forms and submission guidelines are all
available on http://www.sustainabledevelopment.org/awards/index.html

Please refer to the link below for the list of Best Practices submitted
since 1998 under "Children and Youth" subject category.


The Secretariat of Youth For Habitat International Network
Fulya Mahallesi, Mevlut Pehlivan Sokak, 8A/2,
Mecidiyekoy, 34394, Istanbul-TURKEY
Tel/fax: +90 212 275 74 98 / +90 212 275 74 36
Web: www.youthforhab.org.tr

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