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Alwin|Nivelan nivelan at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 18 03:09:55 CET 2003

Dear Natalie,

What you described (beneath) seems an interesting event for members of 
DWARS, the Dutch FYEG organisation. As an editor of their magazine, I would 
like to give DWARS-members the necessary information. However, as I myself 
know absolutely nothing about FYEG and European political structures 
(neither do the editorial staff), I'm wondering if perhaps you have 
something of an advertorial text for it. As the next number will be out in 
mid-February, it would have to be included in our last issue of this year. 
Unfortunately it's already at the lay-out. Therefore, could you please 
contact your sources and see if they can send me an advert on very short 

I'm sorry about asking you in particular; I am actually hoping you'll be 
able to find what's needed much quicker than I ever could. I have an 
alterior motive too though. Stefanie de Niet (Migration Campaign) told me 
you're the Communication Officer of the FYEG, and you're probably aware 
that Dutch Green youth is very hard to enthuse about Europe. Our magazine 
is trying hard but it seems to make little difference sofar, writing about 
Europe and stimulating debate about the Convention for example. Perhaps we 
could help eachother out a bit; whatever articles that you write or come 
across in your 'field', I'de be more than happy to translate and edit, to 
further inform Dwars-members about Europe. For that purpose, please feel 
free to contact me directly. :o)

Sincerely yours / Met vriendelijke groet,

Alwin Pieks
OverDwars Magazine
nivelan at yahoo.co.uk
+31610812142 (cell.)

At 15:37 17/12/03 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>The Directorate of Youth and Sport and the North-South Centre of the Council
>of Europe are organising a large event for 2004 : "Europe, Youth and
>Globalisation", which will take place in Strasbourg (France) from 5-9 May
>2004 (arrival and departure dates).
>The North-South Centre is responsible to ensure a large participation of
>young people coming from the various regions of the world (all the
>non-Europeans) in the event. We kindly ask your assistance in spreading the
>call for participation. Full information concerning how to apply if you are
>coming from outside Europe is posted in English, French and Spanish on the
>North-South Centre's Website at www.nscentre.org <http://www.nscentre.org>
>The selection of participants will be made by the Steering Group of the
>Event. Selected participants will be contacted by the end of February and
>will receive an official invitation. Please note that the North-South Centre
>is not in a position to send written confirmation to those candidates who
>will not be selected. Only those who have been selected will be contacted.
>We look forward to receiving your applications and priority lists no later
>than 1st of February 2004.
>" Europe, Youth and Globalisation " Event
>North-South Centre of the Council of Europe
>Avenida da Liberdade, 229, 4º
>P- 1250-142 Lisbon
>e-mail: NSC.youthandglobalisation at coe.int
>Yours faithfully
>Marcos Andrade
>Youth Dimension Co-ordinator
>North-South Centre
>Council of Europe
>Chers amis,
>La Direction de la jeunesse et du sport et le Centre Nord-Sud du Conseil de
>l'Europe organisent une importante manifestation en 2004 : "Europe, Jeunesse
>et Mondialisation", qui se tiendra les 5-9 mai 2004 (dates d'arrivée et de
>départ), à Strasbourg (France).
>Le Centre Nord-Sud est chargé d'assurer une participation importante de
>jeunes en provenance de différentes régions du monde (à l'exclusion de
>l'Europe). Nous vous serions reconnaissants si vous vouliez bien nous aider
>à diffuser cet appel à candidature. Tous les renseignements sur les
>modalités d'inscription sont disponibles sur le site internet du Centre
>Nord-Sud www.nscentre.org <http://www.nscentre.org> en anglais, français et
>La sélection des participants sera faite par le Comité de direction de la
>réunion. Les participants qui seront sélectionnés seront contactés d'ici à
>la fin février et recevront une invitation officielle à cet effet. Le Centre
>Nord-Sud ne sera pas en mesure de contacter par écrit les participants dont
>la candidature n'aura pas été retenue. Seuls les participants sélectionnés
>seront contactés par le Centre.
>Veuillez adresser vos candidatures, ainsi qu'une liste de priorités, à
>l'adresse suivante, la date limite de réception étant fixée au 1er février
> >
> >
>Rassemblement "Europe, Jeunesse et Mondialisation"
>Centre Nord-Sud du Conseil de l'Europe
>Avenida da Liberdade, 229, 4º
>P- 1250-142 Lisbonne
>e-mail: NSC.youthandglobalisation at coe.int
>Avec mes cordiales salutations,
>Marcos Andrade
>Coordinateur de la Dimension Jeunesse du
>Centre Nord-Sud du
>Conseil de l'Europe
>Estimados amigos / as
>La Dirección de Juventud y Deporte y el Centro Norte-Sur del Consejo de
>Europa están organizando un evento para el año 2004 " Europa, Juventud y
>Globalización", que tendrá lugar en Estrasburgo (Francia) del 5 al 9 de mayo
>de 2004 (Fechas de llegada y partida).
>El Centro Norte-Sur es el responsable de asegurar una amplia participación
>en el encuentro de jóvenes provenientes de las diversas regiones del mundo (
>participantes no europeos).  Es por ello que solicitamos tu apoyo y
>colaboración en la distribución de esta convocatoria de participación. En la
>página web del Centro Norte-Sur www.nscentre.org <http://www.nscentre.org> ,
>podrás encontrar información completa sobre como postular para este evento
>si vienes de fuera de Europa. La información se encuentra disponible en
>Inglés, Francés y Español.
>La selección de participantes para el encuentro será hecha  por el comité de
>coordinación  del mismo. Los participantes seleccionados serán contactados a
>finales de febrero por medio de una carta de invitación oficial. Os rogamos
>que tengáis en cuenta que el Centro Norte-Sur no podrá enviar confirmación
>escrita a aquellos candidatos que no resulten seleccionados. Solamente
>aquellos que resulten seleccionados serán contactados.
>Esperamos recibir vuestras candidaturas y listas de prioridad antes del 1º
>de febrero de 2004
>Evento "Europa, juventud y globalización"
>Centro Norte-Sur del Consejo de Europa
>Avenida da Liberdade, 229, 4º
>P- 1250-142 Lisboa
>Correo electrónico: NSC.youthandglobalisation at coe.int
>Recibid un cordial saludo,
>Marcos Andrade
>Coordinador del área de Juventud
>Centro Norte-Sur del
>Consejo de Europa
>FYEG general e-mail list
>mailto:gen-l at fyeg.org
>list information page

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