[fyeg_gen-l] Election campaign 2004

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Wed Dec 10 22:50:59 CET 2003

Dear friends,
I'm very happy that many young European greens will be in Rome from Sweden,
UK, Germany and other countries for the Congress of the European Federation
of Green Parties (20-22 February 2004).
That event will be very important for the future of Greens in Europe and
for the future of a democratic Europe.
I give you the address of the Young Greens of Rome, if you need to contact
them: g.verdirm at libero.it (Massimiliano Coccia).

See you in Rome!!

Alessandro De Marinis
Milan Greens
Former Italian delegate to Fyeg

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>gen-l at fyeg.org writes:
>>There will be a big meeting in Rome where all of you are invited
>>to! It will be parallel to the congress of the European Federation of
>>Greens in February 20-22 2004. This meting will be a "manifesto meeting"
>>which means that we discuss basic things like the future of greens in
>>and our role in it and so on... We're trying to organise busses to Rome
>>it won't be too expensive to go there.
>I've heard that the buses will be paid with the money that first was meant
>to go to the paying to the printing of campaign materials. Are that true?
>And I've also heard that the buses will go from London and Berlin. Are
>awear of that it from northern of Sweden to the south of the same country
>is as long as from southern of Sweden to the northern of Italy!! Isn't
>good then to have cheep buses at least from Stockholm (which isn't even
>the middle of Sweden) if we priorities buses before campaign material??
>Ha det grönt! (Have it green!)
>Johan Åkesson

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