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THE GREENS / EUROPEAN FREE ALLIANCE in the European Parliament
Brussels, 28 May, 2002.

Bali: Final preparatory meeting of the World Summit on Sustainable Development 
Open letter: EU leaders must save Johannesburg Summit 
The Greens/European Free Alliance in the European parliament have today sent an open letter to the leaders of the national delegations from the EU going to Bali calling on them to ensure that the Johannesburg World Summit in Sustainable Development in August is a success. The letter asks ministers to consider the European Parliament's position on the Johannesburg Summit (the Lannoye and Papayanakis Reports - both adopted this month by near unanimity). 
The letter highlights the following 5 key strategic issues where the EU can make a difference:
DEMAND 1. Provide affordable public access to clean water sources and basic sanitation;
-1 billion people do not have access to clean water and 2.4 billion lack basic sanitation. 3 million die annually from water-related diseases. The WTO GATS agreement for trade in services promotes private corporate control in place of public and governmental responsibility. 
DEMAND 2. Take the lead in providing affordable public access to clean and renewable energy sources. Set an EU target of 25% by 2020.  Promote solar initiatives for least developed countries;  
-One-third of the world's population (2 billion people) does not have access to adequate energy services. Public investment in solar power and other clean energies will reach these people and take us away from our dependence on fossil fuels. 
DEMAND 3. Consolidate the environmental progress made since Rio. Ratify and implement Kyoto and other green Treaties now; 
-10 years after Rio, we have international treaties on climate change (Kyoto), control over trade in GMOs (Cartegena), exploitation of genetic resources (Convention on Biological Diversity and FAO treaty), access to environmental justice and information (Aarhus), control of fish stocks (UN/FAO Action plans). None of these are fully implemented or effective.
DEMAND 4. Empower a World Environment Organisation under the auspices of the UN as well as developing the implementation of 'Local Agenda 21' strategies, in order to promote innovative local solutions supporting partnerships of local communities;  
-To address the 'wide global governance gap' both governance on sustainable development and international governance may require implementation and co-ordination efforts at regional level and will need a more coherent regional institutional framework;  
DEMAND 5. Create a legal framework for corporate social and environmental responsibility and accountability of private corporations and make partnership deals verifiable and subject to strict public policy criteria; 
-Private corporations are not accountable for the public and social consequences of their business activities. Voluntary arrangements are not a satisfactory solution. Public-private partnerships ("Type II outcomes") should be complementary and not replacements to governmental commitments. 

Note to editors:
*The Lannoye (Greens/Belgium) and Papayanakis reports were adopted during the May plenary session in Strasbourg;
*The letter has been signed by Greens/EFA representatives from the different member states
*Copies of the signed letters available on request
For more information: Press Office of the Green/EFA Group
Helmut Weixler: 

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