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Euromediterranea 2002
a desirable Globalisation
Bolzano, 1. - 7.July, 2002

The title of this conference derives from a speech Alexander Langer gave at a colloquium in Dobbiaco (South Tyrol) in 1994: 
" the economical conversion can only take place if it seems socially desirable". 
"Desirable" implicitly refers to the shared responsibility between all individuals and the solidarity of institutions. It furthermore refers to the difficult task to free oneself from biased feelings in order to create outlines for living peacefully together amidst diverse identities and cultures. 

The international festival Euromediterranea 2002 celebrates its sixth anniversary this year and will take place in Bolzano from 1st - 7th July. It is divided into three different sections: The international Summer School, public sessions and speeches, and a cultural programme. Participants will be arriving already on Sunday 30th June. 

a) The international Summer School 2002 

During the last decade we experienced a more sensible approach with regard to the available resources and the introduction of new technologies. Hence the number of people who have benefited from the changes has risen and has led to a relatively better life for this group. However in practice a universal economical concept of saving energy is wholly absence. The environmental movement puts into focus the crucial question of launching a unanimous right for better living conditions for all people and thus promote the process of integration. 
The Summer School 2002 pursues and takes up anew the themes of the past few years and stresses the theme of a more desirable globalisation. In this sense, our workshops shall build upon our previous work, including "The art of coexistence" (2000), the promotion of global governance institutions (2001), and our more recent focus (spring 2002) on the prevention of (violent) conflicts on local and international level. 
The training period for the aspirants is a further step for possible ways and definitions within the framework of a European Civil Peace Corps, a concept which has already made its first steps. 
However, as a result of the attack on the 11th September, the consequential events need to leap to a qualitatively advanced level and involve a high scrutiny of possible negotiation measures on the prevention of conflicts. The emphasis should be to generally re-think and reflect about diagnostic reforms, because without a thorough historical diagnosis, it will be hard for Europe to achieve a common external policy as well as a unanimous future constitution, in respect of a capable government for a desirable globalisation and the reawakening of a peaceful life. 

Programme of the Summer School 

Monday to Saturday from 9:00 - 13:00, Conference Room at the old City Hall, via Portici 30. 

Monday 1/7 - Preparatory meeting and Introduction. 
Tuesday 2/7 - An effective participation in a work process for the European Constitution
Wednesday 3/7 - A clash of Civilisations? Some voices of a democratic Islam. 
Thursday 4/7 - Africa: Globalisation of fundamental rights. 
Friday 5/7 - Environment and Justice. From Rio to Johannesburg. 
Saturday 6/7 - Conclusion and evaluation. 

Information about organisational issues

The Summer School, will tackle the themes mentioned above, which will be also the issues of the public sessions of Euromediterranea ( 4.7. - 6.7.). 
The subjects will be discussed in workshops giving space and opportunity to look upon questions and contents in depth and to share opinions with diverse international protagonists and guests. 
The Summer School is running from 1st - 6th July, 2002 and is open to 50 people participating from all over the world, including students, researchers and NGO activists.
10 particularly deserving participants from non-EU countries will be offered a scholarship covering the costs of travel, enrolment and accommodation. The fee for all other participants is 40 Euro (10 Euro for those not needing accommodation). 
The official language of the Conference and Summer-School is English. However ear phones with simultaneous translation into English, German, Italian and French will be provided. 

The deadline for applications is 31st May, 2002 ( e-mail: langer.foundation at tin.it). The fee should be submitted by 15th June after having received the confirmation letter. 

The conference takes place in collaboration with other local and international organisations which are offering similar projects and education courses. These include: European Academy, dep. Minorities and Autonomy, ECOLNET-Agenda 21, Society for endangered population Bolzano, European Network "Alleanza per il clima", Peace project EURED of the University Klagenfurt, die "Grüne Bildungswerkstatt, Innsbruck", Foundation Heinrich-Böll- /Brussels, ICEF from Rome (Foundation for a International Environmental Charter), Master studies "Intercultural Work and Conflict Management", University for applied studies Alice-Salomon Berlin, Fiera delle Utopie concrete/Città di Castello, European Network for the Foundation of a civil peace corps, Network of international Youthwork (YAP) 

b) The public sessions (Community Hall) taking place from 4th - 7th July 2002, vicolo Gummer

Our main focus on this year Euromediterranea will be the intellectual and analytic tools to imagine and progressively set up a new and more "desirable" kind of globalisation. 

In the afternoon of the conference some experienced mediators and professional referents will tackle and debate the broader issues of: 
cultural diversity (along with the spectre/myth of "clash" of civilisations), listening in particular to our friends from a democratic Islam; the perspectives for a democratic framework of global (environmental) governance, with special emphasis on the Rio+10 meeting in Johannesburg later this year; and the need to "globalise" human rights, extending them to the African continent in particular. 

Thursday, 4th July, 17:00 - 20:00 
A Clash of Civilisations? Some voices of a democratic Islam 

After 11th September 2001 the "clash" or even a "war" of civilisations is a highly discussed topic, however listening to voices of a democratic Islam is not yet so wide spread. Aside from this there are many migrants living in Europe, (amongst whom many are Algerians and Afghans), who could report about their experiences of ethic absolutism. 

An introductory speech will be held by Khalida Messaoudi from Algeria. In 1997 she was awarded the Alexander Langer prize for her peace work. 

Essays and contributions by: 
Soheib Bencheikh - Mufti from Marseilles and author of the book "Marianne et le Prophète" 
Evelina Colavita spokeswoman in Europe for the women organisation "Shuhada" of Afghanistan, founded by the vice-president Sima Samar. 

Friday, 5th July, 17:00 - 20:00 
Environment and Justice - From Rio to Johannesburg 

The forthcoming UN - Assembly (Rio +10) in Johannesburg, which will take place in August 2002, has already put in motion meetings and conventions calling for papers, diverse sketches of work-strategy documents and the forming of networks. The ambitious desired objectives need to be undertaken under close scrutiny as they form a hypothesis for a "Government of Globalisation" or "a Global Government". This derives from a critical analysis of decision making, reflecting the process in Rio 1992, that would provide an incentive for development together with an attempt to consciously diminish risks in the context of our human and planetary limits. 

Introductory talk and moderator: 
Wolfgang Sachs 
Senior Fellow and researcher at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Energy and Environment, Germany. Author of "From Rio to Johannesburg - Contributions to the Globalization of Sustainability", regularly publishes many articles and essays concerning these themes. 
Esperanza Martinez , Acción Ecologí and the network OILWATCH from Equador 
Simonetta Nardin ( Worlbank, N.Y, Departm. indigenous people development plan 
/Amazonas ) 
Josein Aloema Takoy, Chairman of the Human Rights Organisation of the Commission for indigenous people COICA 

Saturday, 6. July, 10:00 - 13:00

Annual Assembly of the friends and promoters of the Foundation Alexander Langer, Election of a new committee 
Saturday, 6th July, 17:00 - 20:00 
Africa: Globalisation of fundamental rights 

The country-states of Central Africa of today find themselves in a profound cultural, ecological and social crisis. We want to give a hearing to those who, patiently with perseverance, take on the work to re-establish a peaceful life among the different groups there, conceding an adequate position within the world order to this honourable and meaningful continent. 

Introductory talk and moderation: 
Annamaria Gentili, Lecturer at the University of Bologna, faculty for history and the Institute for Afro-Asiatic Countries, Author of the book: "Il leone e il cacciatore" (The lion and the hunter) 
Further referents: 
Roberto Toscano, Author of the book: "Il volto del nemico - la sfida dell'etica nelle relazioni internazionali" ( The countenance of the enemy - the ethic challenge among international relations) 
Gasana Ndoba, president of the UNO Human Rights Commission in Rwanda 
Boris Diop, writer from Senegal 
The whole conference (incl. Summer School) and its themes put in focus the World Conference Rio+10 in Johannesburg (August/September) and give examples for best practices and contribution to enduring, sustainable commitments. 

The theme of a series of documentary films will be dedicated to Africa and be shown at Filmclub Bolzano. 

Sunday, 7th July, 17:00 - 20:00 
Announcement and presentation of the Alexander-Langer Award 2002 through the academic committee.


Also this year, apart from the activities and seminars/workshops of the conference, there will be a vast cultural programme and diverse events occurring throughout the city. This will correspond to the Summer of Bolzano. Together with the inhabitants of Bolzano, guests get the opportunity to meet and entertain themselves, enjoying the colourful programme and the diversity of culture, habits and languages. 
(Please note the attachment of the programme) 

1st, 2nd, 3rd July: Centre for environmental studies and education (Kohlern) from 17:00 - 23:00 
Listen to the Silence of the Stars 

A theatrical storytelling excursion and at the same time a voyage of discovery, exploring the nature and forests of Kohlern high above the city of Bolzano. 
This excursion will be accompanied by Franco Lorenzoni and Rita Montinaro, both engaged in the organisation "Casa Laboratorio di Cenci" from the province of Viterbo (VT). This event is supported by the assessor for environmental affairs of the city of Bolzano. 
"Casa Laboratorio di Cenci" is an organisation, which joints people from different countries, hence stimulating the process of exchanging experiences within the scope of education, art and culture. Furthermore this promotes the use of creativity in human expressions, dispositions, and characteristic features. In order to sharpen the sensory perception "Casa Laboratorio di Cenci" organises placements, gatherings, and training sessions with the emphasis on intercultural and environmental issues, creating a synergy between ecological and scientific knowledge through the use of diverse, experimental theatre techniques expressed through body and voice, and founding them on different narrative skills. 
These nocturnal activities of the seminar intend to combine narration and singing with the exploration of nature. Hence voices and sounds of nature will be amplified, through the listening to ones own body which could be seen to give access to a "Door of Perception". The perception ranges from perception of time, space and self to the collective perception and contact to others including the universe with their planets and stars. 

The first evening is reserved exclusively for the participants of the international Summer School. The subsequent two evenings are open for the public. 
At maximum 40 people can participate in one excursion. We kindly ask for bookings in advance. 
Costs: 15 Euro (for cableway and refreshment) 
Monday, 1st July, 21:00 - Filmclub, via Dr.-Streiter-Gasse 
Introduction to a week of documentaries dedicated to Africa in collaboration with 
Filmclub Bolzano. Including refreshments. 

At 22:00 viewing of the first film - a further selection of films will be screened at the same time on each of the following evenings throughout the week. 

Tuesday, 2nd July, 20:00 Theatre of the ancient city, Meran 
"Hey Mädels....wisst ihr was.....?" 

Lisa Massetti presents the stage play of the youth-centre "Jungbusch" from Mannheim. (please note further explanation on Wednesday at 21:00) 

Wednesday 3rd July, 19:00 at Nuovo Teatro Communale Bolzano, Piazza Verdi 
First screening of the documentary "Catenaccio a Mannheim" in collaboration with the film school Zelig. 

This video is the final work of Mario Di Carlo, a former student of the film school Zelig in Bolzano. "Catenaccio at Mannheim" is a documentary on the lives of Italian immigrants in Germany and how they view the contrasts between their home country and their adopted country. What do their children know of their life-long struggles as "Gastarbeiter", or foreign workers? 

The film takes an up-close look at one second generation immigrant's personal journey, from the streets of Mannheim, during the 2000 European soccer championship, to the birthplace of his father in a rural village in Sicily. 

The language of the film is German/Italian with subtitles in Italian. 

Wednesday 3rd July, 21:00 at Nuovo Teatro Communale Bolzano, Piazza Verdi 
"Hey Mädels....wisst ihr was.....?" 

Lisa Massetti presents the stage play of the youth-centre "Jungbusch" from Mannheim, which will be performed by five young female Turkish migrants. The piece grew out of an educational project taking place in the youth-centre "Jungbusch" in Mannheim. 
Five young girls are talking with enthusiasm about their everyday life in a large, but also "foreign", town. 

The youth-centre Jungbusch started its work in 1986. It is located in a borough of Mannheim with many young migrants of different cultural heritage and nationalities. The theatre serves as a medium to indicate and induce socialisation processes. 
The play will be performed in German language. 

Friday 5th July, 10:00 - 12:00 
Places of memory - a guided walk for guests of Euromediterranea and the citizens of Bolzano. This walk leads to the most important places of the city and gives an insight into the multicultural identity of the capital of the province Alto Adige (South Tyrol). 

Friday and Saturday 5th and 6th July, 14:00 - 18:00, Ponte Talvera, Petrarca Parc, Piazza della Pace 
Lentius, profundius, suavius - Homage to Alexander Langer 

Art laboratory with the art group TARRAE of Alberto Larcher 

Active participation of spectators is possible and appreciated. 

The art group TARRAE (founded in the year 2000 in Fondo in Alta val di Non) elaborates on everything that can be found on the surface of the earth and also directly in the soil itself. The group uses for its works materials which can be found and evolve in nature such as vegetable fibre, grass, clay, mud, loam. 

Alberto Larcher lives in Sarnonico and teaches at the "Institut d'Arte in Trento. His artworks were shown already at numerous exhibitions. 
In the early nineties he started to try out diverse techniques to mount mosaics and since then he has chosen this as his principle way of art expression. His contemporary artwork combines waste material and material deriving from nature, which merges into a unique new context of action. 


Also this year many local organisations are taking part in organising the cultural events, which are: Bz1999, Carambolage, Filmclub, Zelig, Radio Tandem, Donna Nissà, book-shops Kolibri and Mardi Gras, Ökoinstitut Südtirol, Legambiente Bz, Biblioteca di Merano. 

The president Helmuth Moroder

Fondata/Gegründet: 04.07.1999 - Anerkannt/Riconosciuta dal Ministero per i beni culturali: 18.11.1999
Via Portici 49 Lauben, I - 39100 BOLZANO/BOZEN
Tel.+Fax. 0039 0471 977691 - E-Mail: langer.foundation at tin.it <mailto:langer.foundation at tin.it> www.alexanderlanger.org <http://www.alexanderlanger.org> 

Rüdiger Ratsch-Heitmann
Office Coordinator and Administrator
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