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Countdown to Boycott Launchsay no to Made in China
log on to www.boycottmadeinchina.org
Toronto asked for information on products made in Forced Labour Camps. If
any of you get asked by the media about this you could perhaps use these two

In February 2001, the New York Times reported that fully one third of paper
clips used in the United States (and distributed by Staples) were
manufactured in a prison in Nanjing by female inmates "who were not paid,
and worked so many hours that their fingers were sometimes bloodied." The
manufacturing company, AIMCO, was owned by Peter Chen, a U.S. citizen.

A Washington Post article of June 14, 2001, by Philip Pan, reported that
prison authorities now contract with private companies to manufacture an
assortment of such labor-intensive products as wigs and Christmas lights.
And they are pressing prisoners to work longer hours.

"On occasion, inmates work throughout the night without sleep. It's very
common to see inmates spitting blood and fainting from exhaustion in the
workshops," wrote a prisoner in a smuggled letter, a copy of which was
obtained by the New York-based group Human Rights in China. "After laboring
for long hours under bright lights, some inmates sustained serious retinal
injuries that have affected their vision. But the guards accuse them of
faking it and force them to work until they go completely blind."
Students For a Free Tibet (at their last Free Tibet! Action Camp) wrote and
composed the very first "Made in China" song to the tune of "Jingle Bells,"
no less.  We thought you might want to sing this at your own boycott launch.
The lyrics are as follows:

"Sad Toys Sing the 'Made in China' Song"
(To the theme of jingle bells)

Scene: A number of sad toys (Barbie dolls, teddy bears, toy car [painted as
the Chinese flag]) with 'Made in China' signs hanging around their necks
singing this sad song:

"Made in China, made in China by the PLA
Oh what a shame it is to buy a barbie doll today
Made in China, made in China with Tibetan blood
Oh what a shame it is to buy a toy car here today

Made in China, made in China by a little girl,
Oh how sad it is to buy a teddy bear today.
Made in China, made in China by workers with no rights
Oh how sad it is to buy a  here today"

*The toys can be singing, linked arm in arm and swaying back and forth
behind a huge "no" symbol (red circle with a diagonal line running through


 Taipei Times is carrying a story of our Boycott at:

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