[FoME] Safe.Strong.Viable.- Looking at Media Safety from a Media Viability angle

Nadine Jurrat nadine.jurrat at dw.com
Fr Mai 7 16:04:22 CEST 2021

Dear FoME community,

DW Akadmie just published a new report on the link between media viability and media safety.

In Safe.Strong.Viable. The symbioses between Media Viability and Media Safety, media managers and editors such as Maria Ressa of Rappler (Philippines), Jade Ramírez from Periodistas de a Pie (Mexico), Roula Mikhael from the Maharat Foundation (Lebanon) and Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo from the Community Radio Radio Vénégré (Burkina Faso) share how investing in safety and security measures not only saves lives but also strengthens the business models of media outlets. 

They see clear links between media viability aspects such as quality journalism, audience engagement, collaborations, and capacity building on the one hand and physical, psychological and digital security as well as  secure working conditions on the other. To put their experiences into a wider context, the publication also contains articles from the ACOS Alliance, IWMF and digital security expert Daniel Moßbrucker.

You can download the report here.

For the Spanish speakers amongst you: you can also find a summnary online as well as an excerpt from the interview with the Mexican editors of Periodistas de a Pie, Amapola and Lado B. 

By looking at journalism safety from a viability angle, we aim to further the discussion on this complex topic - so feel free to be in touch and let us know what you think!

Very best,

Nadine Jurrat 
 Head of Research and Evaluation (maternity cover)
 Research and Evaluation | Policy and Learning
 DW (Deutsche Welle) | Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 3 | 53113 Bonn | Germany
 T +49.228.429.3599 | M +49.151.7449.7963 | nadine.jurrat at dw.com
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