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CALL FOR PROPOSALS - IAMCR pre-conference event: online speed-dating
session (live) for postgraduates and PhD students working on media
development (July 9)

This year, as part of the IAMCR pre-conference events, the media sector
development working group and MEDAS21 invite PhD students working on media
development issues to an online “speed-dating session.” By offering
emerging scholars the opportunity to present their research in a
3-minute-thesis format and get feedback from their peers and industry
professionals, we hope to contribute to intensified exchange and networking
and to develop practical coping mechanisms for any difficulties and
pressures they face in their research.

Here‘s the basic information to save the date:·

*Title: IAMCR pre-conference event: online speed-dating session (live) for
postgraduates and PhD students working on media development  *

*Date: Friday, July 9th,2021, 7am ET (1pm CEST)        *

*How to apply: Applicants interested in networking with peers should submit
a short description (1,000 characters max.) of their research project to
michel.leroy at tu-dortmund.de <michel.leroy at tu-dortmund.de> *

*Deadline for submission: June 21st, 11:59pm CEST       *

*Costs: This is a FREE event, open to anyone, no membership required *


Within the relatively new working group focusing on efforts of shaping and
developing media systems, early-career scholars sometimes feel isolated or
feel that professional connections in the sector are difficult to
establish. The aim of this session is to provide an opportunity for
early-career scholars to build their networks. It is an opportunity for
junior scholars from the “Global North“ and “South“ to meet with
practitioners and senior researchers to voice their concerns and challenges
such as (but not limited to) choosing a relevant topic, grants and funding
issues, access to data and literature... An informal atmosphere will ensure
equality, caring and respect.


What topics are under-researched in the field of media sector development
today? What are the most pressing challenges for getting early-career
researchers and professionals in the sector to work together? In a casual
format similar to “speed dating”, post graduate and doctoral students will
be able to propose their answers to these questions and convey them to
their peers by presenting their research (project) to the audience in 3
minutes maximum. These contributions will finally be taken up and discussed
in a debate with representatives of academic institutions and media
development organisations. Those who cannot attend the discussion can
contribute to the debate by sending a poster (in PDF format) presenting
their project and its issues, to be published on a dedicated webpage.

Call for proposals

This call for proposals is open to emerging researchers, whether they are
Master's degree holders considering a thesis, PhD candidates or junior PhDs
who have graduated less than a year ago. As the media development sector is
at the crossroads of several disciplines, applicants can come from any
field (media studies, communication, political science, sociology,
history...) but it must be somehow linked to what is called “media sector
development” in the sense given on the working group page. Please note that
the live event will be held in English but those who would like to present
in another language are invited to submit a proposal and kindness is
expected towards all those for whom English is not their first language.

For those interested in the live online event, please send a short
description (1,000 characters maximum) of your research, its main issues
and the challenges you face to michel.leroy at tu-dortmund.de. You must
include your name, gender, nationality, university of affiliation and the
name(s) of your supervisor(s). You also agree to attend the online event
and to have a sufficient internet connection to be able to log in.
Participants will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the

For those interested in the poster presentation, please send directly your
poster as a PDF (in English only) attached with the same specifications as
above to michel.leroy at tu-dortmund.de. It is advisable to publish your
address on the poster so that you can be contacted directly.

Proposals will be selected on the basis of their quality, topicality and
with the objective to ensure a variety of their backgrounds.

This session is part of the event series jointly organized by IAMCR media
sector development working group and MEDAS21 as 2021 Nairobi pre-conference
events. More information can be found at
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