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Dear Friends,

Media Industries is pleased to announce the publication of its latest
issue. Vol. 6, No. 2 is now live on our website and features an
outstanding lineup of open call submissions and a special section on
digital media platforms in India edited by Adrian Athique (The
University of Queensland). More details on the current issue, including
our book and resource reviews, are listed below. 

About Vol. 6, No. 2:

Featured Articles
· Time’s Up (Again?): Transforming Hollywood’s Industrial Culture –
Kate Fortmueller (University of Georgia) 
· Autonomy, Integration, and the Work of Cultural Intermediation in
Indie Games – Matthew E. Perks (University of Waterloo), Felan Parker
(University of Toronto), Jennifer R. Whitson (Waterloo University), Bart
Simon (Concordia University), Gabrielle Lavenir (Concordia University),
Ceyda Yolgörmez (Concordia University), Pierson Browne (University of
Waterloo), and Brian Schram (University of Waterloo) 
· Political Goals versus Commercial Goals: Emile de Antonio’s Rush to
Judgment on the Market – Nora Stone (University of Arkansas at Little

Special Section: Digital Media Platforms in India
· Introduction – Indian Media in the Platform Economy – Adrian Athique
(The University of Queensland) 
· Digital Emporiums: Platform Capitalism in India – Adrian Athique (The
University of Queensland) 
· Over-the-Top Video Services in India: Media Imperialism after
Globalization – Scott Fitzgerald (Curtin University) 
· Informality in the Time of Platformization – Akshaya Kumar (Indian
Institute of Technology Indore) 
· The OTT TV Box as a Diasporic Media Platform – Ramon Lobato (RMIT
University) and Pradip Sarkar (RMIT University) 

Book Reviews
· The Rise and Fall of Network Sports Television – Review by Dafna
Kaufman (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
· Custodians of the Internet – Review by Sarah Whitcomb Laiola (Coastal
Carolina University)
· The Digital Literary Sphere: Reading, Writing, and Selling Books in
the Internet Era – Review by Anne Gilbert (University of Georgia)
· Media Heterotopias: Digital Effects and Material Labor in Global Film
Production – Review by Dawn Fratini (University of California, Los
· The Procrastination Economy: The Big Business of Downtime – Review by
Neta Alexander (Colgate University)
· Race and the Cultural Industries – Review by Daelena Tinnin (The
University of Texas at Austin)

Call for Papers

Media Industries accepts open call submissions on a rolling basis, and
we encourage you to submit your research for our next peer-reviewed

Submissions can address the full spectrum of media industries,
including film, television, internet, radio, music, publishing, gaming,
advertising, and mobile communications, and query a range of
industry-related concerns and processes, such as production,
distribution, infrastructure, policy, exhibition, and retailing.
Contemporary or historical studies may explore industries individually
or examine relations between industrial sectors, employing qualitative,
quantitative, or mixed methodologies.

We expect contributions to adopt a critical, rather than instrumental,
perspective and engage with relevant media industries literature. We are
especially interested in contributions that draw attention to global and
international perspectives, and use innovative methodologies,
imaginative theoretical approaches, and new research directions. We
encourage authors to employ the online format creatively by
incorporating audiovisual materials and hyperlinks within their

About Media Industries

The journal is maintained by a managing Editorial Collective
( http://www.mediaindustriesjournal.org/about.html)  and Editorial
( http://www.mediaindustriesjournal.org/editors.html) comprised of an
international group of media industries scholars. Editorial and
administrative responsibilities are shared amongst faculty members at
the following institutions: The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Georgia
State University; King’s College London; Lingnan University; Queensland
University of Technology; RMIT University; Stockholm University;
University of California, Santa Barbara; University of Nottingham; and
University of Texas at Austin.

About Michigan Publishing 

In late 2016 Media Industries moved its online presence to an
open-access platform hosted by Michigan Publishing at the University of
Michigan, Ann-Arbor. Hosting more than 30 open access journals, Michigan
Publishing shares our commitment to making cutting edge research easily
discoverable, accessible, and shareable with readers around the world.
Michigan Publishing’s platform connects with more than two million
readers per year, which we will help expand and strengthen the journal’s
readership in the years to come.

For additional information about Media Industries, please visit:

Website: mediaindustriesjournal.org
Email: mediaindjournal at gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/mediaindustriesjournal
Twitter: twitter.com/mediaindjournal

Sincerely, the Media Industries Editorial Collective 

Amelia Arsenault, Darrell William Davis, Christian Christensen, Stuart
Cunningham, Michael Curtin, Elizabeth Evans, Terry Flew, Anthony Fung,
Jennifer Holt, Ramon Lobato, Paul McDonald, Ross Melnick, Alisa Perren,
Kevin Sanson, Jeanette Steemers, Julian Thomas, Patrick Vonderau, and
Emilie Yueh Yu Yeh. 

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