[FoME] Learn about digital security with Totem: we offer free online courses

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Do Feb 20 15:32:26 CET 2020

Dear colleagues, 

Are you a journalist or activist that faces digital threats? 
Or do you work with people that are vulnerable to such attacks? 

These online 1-hour courses on our [ https://totem-project.org/ | Totem ] platform are a great way to raise awareness and to learn new digital security skills to work safely. 

Enrol now in these Totem courses, and spread the word to those who will benefit most. 

Learn about digital security with Totem: we offer free online courses 	
	[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1021&qid=53434 ] 

Totem is the online platform where journalists and activists can learn more about digital safety and privacy tools. It is created by [ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1039&qid=53434 | Free Press Unlimited ] and [ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1023&qid=53434 | Greenhost ] . The following eight courses are free and available for you! 
	[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1024&qid=53434 | 
	How the internet works 

The internet is a complex and diverse infrastructure. We break down the fundamentals. 

		[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1024&qid=53434 | ENROL ] 
	[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1025&qid=53434 | 
	Phishing attacks 

Learn how to prevent phishing by recognising an attack, and what to do if you realise you've been phished. 

		[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1025&qid=53434 | ENROL ] 
	[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1026&qid=53434 | 
	Secure messaging apps 

Messaging apps have become a key communication tool in our daily lives. How to choose the ones that are safest for you? 

		[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1026&qid=53434 | ENROL ] 
	[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1027&qid=53434 | 
	Secure passwords 

Passwords are your first line of defence against anyone who would like to hack into these accounts. 
		[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1027&qid=53434 | ENROL ] 
	[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1028&qid=53434 | 
	How to bypass internet censorship 

This course explains how to stop censorship stopping you, and how you can improve your online privacy and security. 
		[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1028&qid=53434 | ENROL ] 
	[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1029&qid=53434 | 
	Social media research 

How to discover and verify information posted on the social media platform Instagram. 

		[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1029&qid=53434 | ENROL ] 
	[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1030&qid=53434 | 
	Desk research 

Find documents and numbers; optimise your Google Search results; and search for specific sources. 
		[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1030&qid=53434 | ENROL ] 
	[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1031&qid=53434 | 
	Field research 

We address how field research can benefit you and discuss risks in conducting field investigations in a repressive environment. 
		[ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1031&qid=53434 | ENROL ] 


Are you a trainer in digital security and do you want to use Totem in your work? Then we would like to hear from you! Send an e-mail to [ https://crm.freepressunlimited.org//url.php?u=1032&qid=53434 | info at totem-project.org ] . 

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