[FoME] Why Google and Apple Failed at Covid-19 Digital Response

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Why Google and Apple Failed at COVID-19 Digital Response
By Wayan Vota, December 10, 2020

Back in April 2020, Apple and Google announced (
COVID-19 contact tracing technology for iPhone and Android mobile
phones. At our Global Digital Health Forum session on digital COVAX
, not a single person was using either company’s apps. 

What happened? What led to their failure? How did the richest
technology companies fail in COVID-19 digital response(
https://www.ictworks.org/tag/covid-19-response/) ?

After our ( https://www.ictworks.org/tag/global-digital-health-forum/)
session ended, I kept wondering how Apple and Google could fail at what
was a pretty easy problem: developing a contact tracing application for
COVID-19 infections. Robust digital contact tracing applications are in
use for many other infections diseases, and these are two of the most
powerful corporations on Earth – almost independent nation-states.

Failure Wasn’t Due to Lack of Resources

First, we cannot overestimate the resources amassed by these technology
companies. They have an embarrassment of riches, especially when
compared with international development organizations.

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