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ich hoffe, es geht Euch allen gut.

In Zusammenarbeit mit Free Press Unlimited, Ethical Journalism Network, International Federation of Journalists, First Draft und dem Dart Centre Europe, haben wir eine Reihe kostenfreier Kurse zur Berichterstattung in Zeiten von Covid-19 erstellt, von denen der erste zum Thema Sicherheit unter diesem Link abgerufen werden kann: https://thomsonfoundation.edcastcloud.com/learn/reporting-on-covid-19-safety-self-paced

Mehr Informationen dazu im Anschluss oder auch auf unserer Website: http://www.thomsonfoundation.org/latest/the-challenges-of-covering-coronavirus-how-we-can-help/

Wir wären Euch dankbar, wenn Ihr den Kurslink mit Eurem Netzwerk teilen könntet. Weiteres Material ist unterwegs.

Danke und beste Grüße,

Journalists across the globe face unprecedented challenges to report the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak accurately and safely.

The fast-moving story of Coronavirus is presenting newsrooms around the globe with a once-in-a-generation test to get to the facts, interpret the scientific data, tell the human stories and hold political leaders to account.

Deborah Kelly, Thomson Foundation’s Director of Training and Communication, comments: “Theories and rumours abound at the moment as do propaganda and evasions. The challenge for journalists is to ensure their stories are based on truth, not opinions, and science, not speculation and to gather them with proper regard for their own and the general public’s safety”.

The Thomson Foundation has therefore teamed up with a range of specialist partners to produce a series of free, online courses on its Journalism Now<http://www.thomsonfoundation.org/e-learning/live-courses/> platform to ensure journalists get the help they need

The courses will cover:

•            Safety while reporting the story<https://thomsonfoundation.edcastcloud.com/courses/6882/info>

•            Verification of facts

•            Content production

These interactive courses have been created with assistance from Free Press Unlimited, Ethical Journalism Network, International Federation of Journalists, First Draft and the Dart Centre Europe. The foundation has also pooled advice from its international alumni, from Italy and Pakistan to South Africa and Vietnam, to help journalists navigate their way through the pandemic and to ensure that the public can trust the stories being put in front of them.

All courses will be published initially in English and then re-published in Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian with other language versions to follow.

All courses can be found here: http://www.thomsonfoundation.org/e-learning/live-courses/

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