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Media and mass atrocity: the Rwanda genocide and beyond
Edited by Allan Thompson, Allan
Waterloo, Ontario: Centre for International Governance Innovation, 2019, 637 p.
ISBN: 978-1-928096-72-6

Rwanda case
1. The Media and the Rwanda genocide / Romeo Dallaire
2. Reporting the genocide / Mark Doyle
3. Listen carefully, looking harder: the role of language in media coverage during the Rwandan Genocide, 1994 / Catherine Bond
4. Genocide video / Allan Thompson
5. What is the relationship between hate radio and violence? Rethinking Rwanda' "radio machete" / Scott Straus
6. Rwandan patriotic front's information and communication strategy / Filip Reyntjens
After mass atrocity
7. Beyond Rwanda? Reporting atrocity in a changing communications enviornment / Simon Cottle
8. Digitizing genocide: the work of the genocide archive of Rwanda / Paul Rukesha
9. The role of the media in fostering a culture of critical engagement in the context of mass atrocities: examples from Rwanda, Columbia and South Sudan / Mark Frohardt and Paula Orlando
Echoes of Rwanda
10. "We have failed as a continent": covering an African atrocity" for an African audience / J. Siguru Wahutu
11. Journalism on Darfur between social fields: global an national forces / Joachim J. Savelsberg
12. Commitment amid conflict: the experience of central African journalists covering their country's war / Michelle Betz
13. "More important than jihad of the sword": The islamic state's media strategy and the Yazidi genocide / Michael Petrou
14. Hate speech in Burma / Alan Davis
15. Social media and conflict in South Sudan: a lexicon of hate speech terms / Theo Dolan and Will Ferroggiaro

Journalism and Mass Atrocity
16. The love affair with war / Paul Watson
17. A post-colonial model of International News: perspectives and contributions of stringers and local journalists in Central Africa / Anjan Sundaram
18. Marketplace of ideas or little shop of horrors? Comparing US News coverage of local and distant suffering / Lauren Kogen
Social media: the new actor
19. Social media in Africa: an emerging force for autocrats and activists / Geoffrey York
20. Caliphate's imagined soldiers: analyzing the promotion of "lone wolf" attacks in Rumiyah magazine / Nadia Hai
21. Typology of the Islamic state's social media distribution network / Yannick Veilleux-Lepage
22. "Fake News," dangerous speech and mass violence: challenges for social media in the developing world / Stephanie MacLellan
23. Patriotic trolling: a survey of state-sponsored trolling worldwide / Nick Monaco and Carly Nyst
24. Social media and the changing nature of conflict and conflict response as seen through the Syria conflict mapping project / Chris McNahoe

25. Advanced digital technology and genocide and mass atrocities prevention / Steven Livingston and Alice Musabende
26. Radio as a tool in countering violent extremism: case study of the Lake Chad Basin and Boko Haram / David Smith
27. Radio and Rwandan rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo / Bert Ingelaere
28. Epilogue / Allan Thompson
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