[FoME] Transnational Othering: Media Extremisms, Diversities and Free Expression in Muslim & Other Countries

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Transnational Othering – Global Diversities Media, extremism and free
Göteborg: Nordicom, October 2019


This anthology addresses complex, interconnected issues, such as the
rise of extremism and terrorism, diversity and minority rights, as well
as the situation for freedom of expression in eight different countries,
most of them with a Muslim majority population. Extremists recruit
terrorists through social media, and target minorities as well as
freedom loving people by utilizing their freedom of expression to
threaten the rights of others. This happens not least in countries with
a long experience of dictatorship. Journalists face huge challenges when
reporting on these issues. The contributors are both academics and
journalists, conveying their experiences from transnational research
co-operation as well as reporting from the ground in conflict areas.
Thus, this volume addresses itself to journalism students as well as
professional journalists and others who need to navigate in a world in
which both extremists and authoritarian states may stifle gender and
minority rights, as well as the right to report and express oneself


1. Global connections / Elisabeth Eide, Kristin Skare Orgeret & Nil

Part One: Extremism and the media: Shifting sand

2. A man I knew became a suicide bomber for IS / Kristin Solberg
3. The battle over discourses. Dancing with “ISIS wolves” / Abeer Saady
4. Transnational extremist recruitment through social media / Afshin
5. Indonesia: When civil society, government and islamists collide /
Ade Armando
6. Tunisia: Reporting terrorism / Mohamed Balti
7. Bangladesh: Social media, extremism and freedom of expression /
Syeda Gulshan Ferdous Jana
8. Countering violent extremism in Bangladesh / Julfikar Ali Manik

Part Two: Freedom of expression and new challenges

9. Pakistan’s war on free speech. Challenges and probable solutions /
Altaf Ullah Khan
10. Who suppresses free speech in Bangladesh? A typology of actors /
Mubashar Hasan
11. Turkey: How to deal with threats to journalism? / Bora Ataman &
Baris Çoban
12. Media in Turkey: A reporter’s tale / Ayla Albayrak
13. Afghanistan: Navigating between enemies and restrictive forces /
Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar
14. Transnational Dialogues: Cartoons, Daesh and the white terrorist /
Atta Ansari
15. Tunisia: The long path towards freedom of speech / Rym Benarous
16. Literature and limits; Stories from Indonesia / Andina Dwifatma

Part Three: The changing shades of global diversities

17. Gendered, sexualized and ethnicized clashes in Turkey’s media / Nil
18. Indonesia: Diversities and media discrimination / Lestari
19. Passenger on the globalisation train / Olga Stokke
20. From journalist to refugee – and the long road back / Kristin Skare
21. Seeing the other, reflections on the we. Globalization and
citizenship /  Elisabeth Eide

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